Should Buffalo City Schools Change Their Calendar?

The Buffalo Teachers Federation wants a 42 week school year, the school district wants a 44 week school year, and they’re trying to compromise on a 43 week school year. One of the plans would have classes not starting classes until September 11th and not include a traditional February break. As you...
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Hey...It's Randy Bushover Appreciation Week at Star 102.5!

Every weekday morning you hear WBEN's Randy Bushover deliver the news during Rob Lucas' morning show, and often fill in with traffic on Star 102.5. He's one of those tireless underestimated players in our building, so we decided to put together an entire week of excitement for him, just because! A...
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Perk Up! It's National Coffee Day!

Happy Brew Day to you! Are you NOTHING until you have your first cup of joe? How about the radio personalities that get you going each day? Entercom's Brenda Alesii polled those you listen to on a daily basis to see what their caffeine intake is! And of course Rob Lucas goes against the grain... he...
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