Would You Ditch Your Phone for $1,000?

( KLUV ) - This dream job can be yours, as long as you’re willing to part with your phone that is. The Internet provider is offering someone $1,000 to take part in their “Digital Detox Challenge,” which honestly, sounds pretty amazing. For three days, you’re expected to spend...
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Finally, An Apple Product Nobody Wants

This Apple product didn't have a fancy press conference that geeks like me streamed live. Apple just released a book. Not an eBook, an actual paper book. It's called "Designed By Apple In California," and is a coffee table book with photos of all their products. It's like a catalogue but without...
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Soon It Will Be Illegal To Post An Actor's Age Online?

We all know Hollywood actresses are often passed up for roles based on their age, so supporters of a new law believe banning websites from sharing that information will protect them from discrimination. But let's be serious, Dame Helen Mirren isn't going to bump Anna Kendrick out of Pitch Perfect 3...
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