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Celebrity Reactions To Lady Gaga's Halftime Show

Personally I found Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance to be predictable. I'm not saying the performance was bad, in fact if I had just seen it in a regular concert I would have been blown away. But when you take the fact that she's anything but predictable, and add in the Super Bowl hype, it seemed...
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Is Your Favorite On 'The Top 10 TV Shows Of All Time?'

I am impressed Rolling Stone got people to agree on this. The magazine asked actors, writers, producers, critics, and showrunners—even getting Garry Marshall's picks before he died in July—with absolutely any show eligible. So, what are the top TV shows of all time? You'll notice the lack of...
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Women Melting Over Lin-Manuel Miranda's GQ Cover

The man behind the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton is in the latest GQ magazine to talk about how the show changed his life. He talks success, failure and life balance. Yes, you made history interesting but ... can we talk about this cover? My wife said he's like the hot older brother of every member...
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