Should Buffalo City Schools Change Their Calendar?

The Buffalo Teachers Federation wants a 42 week school year, the school district wants a 44 week school year, and they’re trying to compromise on a 43 week school year. One of the plans would have classes not starting classes until September 11th and not include a traditional February break. As you...
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Teachers Bringing Drake And Cardi B To The Classroom

“Kiki, do you love reading?”
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Mariah Carey's "Hero" Gets Snow Day Remix From Kentucky Principal

Mariah Carey , you have some serious competition. Kentucky principal Chad Caddell has released an outstanding remix of Carey’s 1993 smash, “Hero,” with rewritten lyrics to announce a recent snow day at his school, Union Pointe Academy in Florence, Kentucky. Caddell’s impassioned and emotional take...
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Study Finds Kids Work Harder Dressed as Batman

If your child's favorite thing to do is dress up in their Batman costume, you're in luck.
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