The First Santa Claus Training School Was In...Albion? Yep!

Did you know Charles W. Howard established the world famous Santa Claus School in 1937 northeast of Buffalo in Albion? Yep, in fact today is the anniversary of it's opening, September 27th 1937! You could get a B.S.C. (Bachelor of Santa Claus) degree at the school for $75. It was the first of its...
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LOOK: Lady Gaga Is "Santa's Naughty Elf" in Holiday Party Pictures

The holidays are a time for gathering with friends, family, and — if you’re Lady Gaga — the Haus of Gaga. The Joanne singer and her creative team celebrated Christmas with an array of “naughty elf” costumes this weekend. Gaga’s sister dressed up as Mrs. Claus and the “Born This Way” hitmaker dubbed...
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