Obama family

FLOTUS 2nd Most Admired Woman In America After Who?

For the ninth year in a row, respondents to a Gallup poll ranked Barack Obama as the most admired man in America. Among women, Hillary Clinton was the most admired for the 15th year in a row with Michelle Obama and Mr. Trump coming in second. -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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VIDEO: Michelle And Barack Obama Dancing To 'Thriller'

Everybody has those songs that when they come on, you just HAVE to dance. Maybe this is one of them for the Obamas. Barack and Michelle busted a move to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at a White House Halloween event. If nothing else, it's nice to see something related to politics that's not hateful...
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VIDEO: Ellen & Michelle Obama Shop In CVS

Ellen has had a habit recently of taking celebs shopping just to see what would happen (Britney at the mall), so recently she took FLOTUS to CVS: -Mike Draup Photo: USA Today
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