Man Pays $437,000 for Rare Pair of Nike Sneakers

If you have half a million dollars, you just do it! That’s exactly what Canadian entrepreneur Miles Nadal did by plucking down $437,500 for a pair of Nike sneakers at a Sotheby’s auction this week, according to the New York Post. The rare kicks , known as “Moon Shoes,” were designed by Nike co-...
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Would You Buy The Newest Version Of The "Fanny Pack?" Click And Check Out Nike's New Slides

We all know Fanny packs are out right? But Nike knows you still need room to store your stuff, so they've come up with the fanny pack slide sandal! Click here to see the line launching this summer , then hit us up on our Facebook page to let us know if you would buy, and how you would use them!
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Kendrick Lamar To Release Nike Cortez Sneakers On Grammy Night

On the same night that Kendrick Lamar will vie for some of the biggest GRAMMY awards of the year, he will debut a new Nike collaboration. January 28 is the release date for Lamar’s custom Nike Cortez collaboration, which is the same day he’ll compete in such hallowed GRAMMY categories as Album of...
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