Federal CARES Act Gives Homeowners Options to Defer Mortgage Payments

Many homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic may be able to defer mortgage payments for up to 12 months - with no penalty.
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RLITM President's Day History Lesson!

It's President's Day! Which means Rob Lucas can't resist an opportunity to learn about our nations history... All you need to know about George Washington . All you need to know about Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln's Assination All you need to know about Buffalo's President Millard Fillmore . The...
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Chance The Rapper Leads Voting Parade

Chance the Rapper has been encouraging his fans to #staywokeandvote by having them register to vote during his Magnificent World Tour stops, and he is still getting the VOTE message out. Following a free concert on Monday in downtown Chicago, Chance led a massive parade of voters to a polling place...
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