Trump Tower Gets New Unflattering Name On Google Maps

For a few hours on Saturday, New York City's Trump Tower showed up as "Dump Tower" on Google Maps. Now in New York City @googlemaps when a special zoom shows Trump Tower of @realDonaldTrump as Dump Tower — Andrey Borodulin (@_Borodulin) November 26, 2016 Some were amused...
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How Facebook Is Changing Post Election

Remember when funny memes, cute Halloween costumes and food pictures were in your Facebook feed? Ah, simpler times. Following the election, BuzzFeed took a deep dive into which stories were shared the most on Facebook and it's not good. You being the smarty that you are, know that The Pope didn't...
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Google Street View Takes Cow Privacy Very Seriously

Critics have claimed that Google Street View sometimes allows too much personal information to get out there. That includes license plates, house numbers, and children's faces, so now the algorithm blurs faces quickly. Which is how we get gems like this... Great to see Google takes cow privacy...
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