Rob Sez: This Is A MUST WATCH For House Hunter/Fixer Upper Fans!

Here are two links to 3 min vids you MUST WATCH if you are a fan of any HGTV show. Check out “HGTV Tree Hunters” from Buffalo Picture House on Vimeo at And if you’re one who believes all these shows are scripted and pre-planned (and most of them are at least 70% pre-...
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How Bout One Of These Flicks For A Stay-At -Home Buffalo Halloween

As a kid, Halloween meant running around on sugar highs! As an adult between work costume parties and overwhelming pumpkin patches, Halloween has turned into a holiday where you just want to stay in and watch some Halloween Classics. You're in luck, created a list of the 17 Perfect...
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Watch It Now: Jay Pharoah, King Of Impressions

Jay Pharoah nails impressions of 9 great comedians! Video of Weekend Update: Jay Pharoah on Katt Williams and Kevin Hart's Feud - SNL
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