Erika Hill

It's Official! Buffalo's Erika Hill Has Made It To Hollywood On American Idol!

We had alluded to this after the initial episode of American Idol, (and our sources had told us it was true), but now we can officially say CONGRATS Erika Hill! Former RLITM Producer Kevin Ford is her boyfriend, and played guitar behind her while she auditioned in front of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie...
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American Idol Is Back And A Buffalonian Has Made It Through!

On Friday, we listed some of the boxes American Idol would have to check if their reboot would be successful on ABC! Rob Lucas gave last night’s American Idol a Straight A, while Producer Erika was a little more “meh” about it. But we do know a Buffalonian will be going to Hollywood…and there is a...
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