Ed Sheeran

WATCH: Everything We Learned In Bed With Ed Sheeran

We have been having a lot of fun with Ed Sheeran lately, asking him some outrageous questions, playing a hilarious game of True or False, and so much more all while cozying up to the pop star. When we got “In Bed with Ed” last week, we got some real intimate secrets from the singer who makes ladies...
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WATCH: Ed Sheeran Plays Hysterical Game of True or False

Think all Europeans are worldly? Think again! We played a crazy game of true or false with Ed Sheeran about a world famous city in the Netherlands, and let’s just say Ed is no Dutch master.Wait, hold on, why is Ed Sheeran answering trivia questions about Amsterdam? You’ll have listen on-air for...
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VIDEO: Ed Sheeran's Favorite Childhood Memory Is ... Recycling?

Did Ed Sheeran just tell us his favorite childhood memory was recycling? We are committed to good environmental practices, as are a few of our celebrity friends! Watch as Ed, Garth Brooks and a few others share how they are saving the earth: For more ideas on how you can help save our environment,...
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VIDEO: Ed Sheeran Gives Exclusive Track-By-Track Interview

How cool is it when you find out the personal story behind a song someone has written? Ed Sheeran was nice enough to sit down with us and share the personal experiences behind his songs, "Shape Of You," "Castle On The Hill," "Thinking Out Loud," and "The A Team." For example, "Thinking Out Loud"...
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We Finally Know How To Pronounce Ed Sheeran's Album Title

A lot of us guessed Ed Sheeran's new album title would be called "Division," based on the album art, and the fact that his first two albums were math symbols. It turns out we were close - it's "Divide." The album will be available everywhere on March 3, 2017. You can pre-order it starting tonight...
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LISTEN: Ed Sheeran Finally Releases New Music

After being gone from social media for a year, Ed Sheeran made an announcement Monday that new music would be coming Friday. And by Friday, he meant 12am ET here in the United States! Cause I've been away for a bit here's two singles rather than one - Castle On The Hill & Shape Of You https://t...
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