Dog breeds

Happy National Puppy Day! WOOF WOOF

We all know dogs are a man's best friend! Didja know that 97% of people consider their pup part of their family!? Stanley Coren, a leading canine researcher, found dogs are as smart as 2-year-old kids, can comprehend more than 150 words and can count to four or five. Did your pooch make the list of...
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Did Your Pooch Make The "Smart" Or "Not Smart" List?

Canine psychologist Stanley Coren is out with his list of the smartest dog breeds. Sciencealert posted his findings ... Smartest Dog Breeds 1. Border collie 2. Poodle 3. German shepherd 4. Golden retriever 5. Doberman pinscher 6. Shetland sheepdog 7. Labrador retriever 8. Papillon 9. Rottweiler 10...
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SPCA Wednesday! Brodie The Ibizan Hound Up For Adoption!

Westminster, SCHMESminster. BRODIE thinks the Ibizan Hound should have not only won Best Of Breed Feb. 15, but should have taken Best In Show Feb. 16! Now, Brodie is a little biased. After all, he IS an Ibizan Hound mix, just shy of 7 years old. Perhaps that's why he wanted a hound to take the main...
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