More RLITM Tips To Take Your Turkey Table To The Next Level!

Still not sure about your Turkey Day table? Click for some GREAT AND EASY ideas from Country Living Magazine. Whether you are going Laid Back, Rustic, Retro, or Elegant, you’re sure to find some awesome thought starters to make your Thanksgiving dinner a little more unique!
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What Frosts Your Family At Thanksgiving Dinner?

13 Things to Never Discuss at Thanksgiving Dinner from MSN! 10 Delightful Arguments Every Family Gets Into On Thanksgiving from Bliss Tree!
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Cool Turkey Day Facts, And Things To NEVER Discuss At Dinner

Awkward silences at the Thanksgiving Dinner table? You're in luck! Business Insider has 11 Cool Facts about Turkey Day that you can amaze your family with, or how about 13 Things To Never Discuss at Thanksgiving Dinner from MSN. Either way, this will keep the dinner conversation going. Photo Credit...
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