Target Launches Halloween Costumes for Kids with Disabilities

( WBBM ) -- We have seen pictures out there of some hero parents who go out of their way to create Halloween costumes for their children with disabilities; but now a big-name store is making things easier and launching a selection of Halloween costumes adapted for kids with disabilities. Target's...
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One More Must See 2016 Halloween Costume: Working Pokemon Go

There have been a lot of great costumes this year, but this is impressive. His costume is a fully working Pokémon Go game. Again, not a Pokémon character, a fully working game! -Mike Draup Photo: © Marcelahirkova |
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Want To Stand Out This Halloween? Then Don't Wear These Costumes!

Don't know what you want to wear this Halloween? Well we can tell you what most people will be wearing! A new Survey by the National Retail Federation shows the most popular costumes for each age group: Costumes for children: 1 – Action/Superhero 6.4% 2 – Princess 5.8% 3 – Animal 4.9% 4 – Batman...
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