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Donald Trump Will Reveal His Health Information On Dr. Oz's Show

The 2016 presidential campaign has been one long reality show, so it's no surprise that Donald Trump will reveal his health records on Dr. Oz. The TV doctor says he won't be speaking or speculating about anyone else's health (including Hillary Clinton's), only analyzing the records that Trump...
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Are Donald Trump's Tax Returns Worth $5 Million Dollars?

There's an interesting effort underway to get Donald Trump to release his taxes. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman has thrown his support behind Marine Corps veteran Pete Kiernan, and is now offering up to $5 million, which will be donated to 10 veterans' charities if Trump releases his income tax...
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Kurt Cobain Is Dead - No Seriously, Stop Asking

Nirvana's Facebook page had to respond to conspiracy theorists about Kurt Cobain still being alive. Cobain passed away in 1994. While his cause of death was officially ruled as suicide, speculation has circulated ever since. Were Courtney Love, a drug dealer, or the cable guy who found him involved...
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Ryan Lochte Was Attacked During Live Episode Of 'Dancing With The Stars'

Well that was an eventful evening. During the live debut of Dancing With The Stars, Ryan Lochte protesters were in the crowd and crashed the live broadcast, verbally attaching him. This is the cause of the #DWTS disruption. More to come. — George Pennacchio (@abc7george)...
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