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Trump Tower Gets New Unflattering Name On Google Maps

For a few hours on Saturday, New York City's Trump Tower showed up as "Dump Tower" on Google Maps. Now in New York City @googlemaps when a special zoom shows Trump Tower of @realDonaldTrump as Dump Tower — Andrey Borodulin (@_Borodulin) November 26, 2016 Some were amused...
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Google Street View Takes Cow Privacy Very Seriously

Critics have claimed that Google Street View sometimes allows too much personal information to get out there. That includes license plates, house numbers, and children's faces, so now the algorithm blurs faces quickly. Which is how we get gems like this... Great to see Google takes cow privacy...
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VIDEO: John Oliver Is Off TV And On YouTube

HBO's Last Week Tonight is on hiatus until Sept. 25th, but host John Oliver is posting videos on YouTube about different things so we don't miss him. Is this what TV has become? Check the show's YouTube channel and click "web exclusive" clips to see more. FYI: If you love birds, you might not like...
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