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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Becca And Sandra

Hello and nice to meet you, I'm BECCA and I am here with my bestie SANDRA ! We are sweet and loving golden gals who are looking for the warm and loving home that we so deserve. If you're in need of a best friend to snuggle up with, join you on a leisurely stroll, or simply be there to greet you and...
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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Orange Guy!

Hey there- I'm Orange Guy! I'm a kitty who cannot wait to go to a home with my new family, treats, toys, and lots of love! I absolutely adore affection from people, I am always ready to swat at feather toy, and I will gladly accept treats. I'm a great balance between being playful and active and being cuddly and relaxed. I will purr and head butt you to show how much I cherish you- come be my new best friend!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Spike!

Hi, there - my name is SPIKE. I'm a mature dog of diminutive stature - but don't let my age nor size fool you; I've got plenty of spark and spirit to share. I love to take short walks and spend lots of leisure time with my favorite people. When it's time for a rest, I really enjoy attention and to sit for a spell, maybe in your lap or beside you; I'm an easy-going and affectionate fellow. If you're family of adults and older children are looking for a loyal companion who is smart, attentive, cute, and charming - well, here I am! Let's get together today.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Sassie!


SPCA Wednesday! Meet Silas

Looking for an absolute sweetheart of a guy with a heart of gold ? Look no further! I'm SILAS , and my main goal in life is to be your best friend and make you smile ! Do you like to take a nice long walk - me too , like to snuggle and watch TV - me too , like to play with squeaky toys - me too , like to entertain friends - me too ; just ask and I will , sit , shake paws, stay, lay down, and my very favorite roll over ( I'm a pro at that one !) If I sound like the best friend you've always wanted then visit me today! 

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Matthau!

Welcome to PURRassic Bark! Through August 25: all cats one year and older at the SPCA and at our offsite adoption locations have $10 ADOPTION FEES! Now that's a deal the size of a dinosaur!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet McKinley!

Greetings, I'm MCKINLEY, an affectionate and vibrant gal. Although, I may be senior in years, I'm youthful in outlook, attitude, and activity. My step is plenty peppy and I'm so bright and interested in everything -- just wait until you see all the benefits that a pooch with experience can bring! When you feel like some exercise, I'll keep a happy pace with you; and when it's time to relax or work quietly, I'll be perfectly content to snuggle in by your side, as amenable, amiable, and easy-going as can be. Your affection and attention will mean all the world to me!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Sammy!

SAMMY means "bright sun" and I will bring bright rays of light to your life! I'm a happy guy, eager to please! I love going for walks and know some cues, like 'sit' ,'down', and 'shake/paw'. I listen intently and follow direction well. I've been told I'm pretty smart! I love people and look forward to being petted and loved. I'll keep you laughing with my big smile and charming personality!

SPCA Wednesday: Meet Buckaroo...Or Morris?

BUCKAROO, 6: Some people call me Morris. But you know it, and I know it - I'm a little more handsome and a lot more accessible! I may not have my own limo or my own brand...but I'll have my own people soon, I know it, especially since I'm a celebrity myself!! Hear my media moment later this morning, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas! Plus, with PURRassic Park happening at the SPCA, my adoption fee is just $10.00! Come meet me at the SPCA's West Seneca shelter and you'll have a celebrity to call your very own...who needs Morris?? I can't wait for you to fall in love with me!

SPCA Wednesday: Meet Remy!

Hi ! I'm REMY, a happy go lucky lady that really knows how to enjoy life ! I love going for walks and exploring the great outdoors, especially if water is involved . I love to play in the kiddie pool or even just lounge around in it while I soak up the sunshine- life is good ! I'm also known for being quit the cuddlebug ; I LOVE to lean in for lots of cuddles - but who doesn't? I hope you love them as much as I do! After some fun in the sun , I'd be quit content to take a little snooze on the porch, and if I have a soft comfy bed even better .

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Our Featured Cats Jarno and Jarppi!

ADOPTION FEE PAID! * Meet JARNO and JARPPI! They are two VERY sweet brothers, both two years old, who are best friends for life - but they're willing to let others join their little family, and they're even willing to live with them! In fact, these two special guys won the heart of a special someone who could not adopt two cats, but who paid their adoption fee!