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SPCA Wednesday

with Rob Lucas

Join Rob Lucas every Wednesday as he highlights a pet that is available through the SPCA!

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SPCA Wednesday! Meet Maeve!

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Thanks For Helping Buddy The SPCA GOAT Find A Great Home!

Remember a few weeks ago when Rob Lucas was mocking Gina Browning for using our weekly SPCA segment to get a goat adopted?  Well it seems giving Buddy The Goat the extra attention was worth it, as the pics below show!  He was adopted by Karla from Spruce Meadow Farm and, and Buddy could not be happier!  Check out Buddy (in the blue jacket) with his new GOAT brother Steven, frolicking around with the horses and barn cat!  Have you ever seen a happier goat?  I

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Nugget!


SPCA Wednesday! Meet Becca And Sandra

Hello and nice to meet you, I'm BECCA and I am here with my bestie SANDRA ! We are sweet and loving golden gals who are looking for the warm and loving home that we so deserve. If you're in need of a best friend to snuggle up with, join you on a leisurely stroll, or simply be there to greet you and make you smile at the end of a long day, then I'm the girl for you! No need to worry about rambunctious puppy antics- We've got the experience and manners to propel us right to low maintenance, lifelong best friend status. We really don't ask for much!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Ella!

Hi I'm ELLA and I'm the Bell -a The Ball! I don't need a fancy gown because the first thing you'll notice about me is how beautiful my blueish/grey fur is. Well, enough about my stunning good looks, I don't want you to think I'm a snob. The words my friends here use to describe me are sweet and gentle. Where do I like to be pet ? My ears, chin, cheeks, head, neck... well you get the idea. I'd love being your only furry friend so I can have all your attention to myself. When you're busy, I enjoy hanging around in a soft cozy place and watching what everybody is doing.

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Buddy!

Buddy is a charming goat who came to us due to an unfortunate change in his owner's life. He came to us already neutered and is now up to date on his vaccines, has had his feet trimmed and is filling out more. As you can see, Buddy has an impressive set of horns, but he is very gentle with them and has been quite polite to handle since he has been here at the SPCA Farm. The only thing we have noticed with his horns is that, due to their unusual shape, he sometimes gets them caught on things. He must be accustomed to that happening because he takes it in stride!

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Bellarina!

I know what you're thinking.... My name is BELLARINA so I probably like to dance! Yup, dance right into your arms for rubs on my ears, neck, chin, back, head and anywhere you feel like giving me affection. Don't worry, if you wonder whether I want you to stop paying attention to me, I'll bump your hand for more. Like all good dancers I'm a great leaner will leap into your lap with enthusiasm. I feel certain I can be your next best friend. Stop by and let's get to know each other. See you soon! 

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Bailey The Bunny!

Hello, I am BAILEY the bunny and I am just booming with personality. I am sweet, playful and friendly and pretty easy to care for. I just require fresh food, water, and bedding and of course some bunny pets. I love to get time out of my "bunny cave" and romp around to get play time and exercise. I will chase the ball and have a blast and you will see it is very entertaining to watch. Come meet me today, I am BAILEY!
I can be adopted from:
Pet Supplies Plus
3340 Sheridan Dr.
Amherst, NY 14226

SPCA Wednesday! Meet Lizzie Tish

Even LIZZIE TISH is shocked that she hasn’t found a home yet! And we can’t figure out why. This sweet girl finds something exciting about every day and if your house has other pets and children she’ll be EXTRA-happy! Hear more later this morning, 8:10 am on Star 102.5 with Rob Lucas!  Info from the SPCA website here