Poll: Most New Yorkers wearing masks as much as possible

(WBEN) - A new poll shows New York voters are responding positively to the mandate to wear masks in public.

Seventy-three percent of those who responded to the Siena Research poll say they are always wearing a protective mask when outside their home when social distancing may not be possible, and an additional 17 percent wear a mask as much as they can.

The response to the mask-mandate fits in with other findings of the survey, which says that 62% of those who responded believe that the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is still to come. Seventy percent prefer the government’s priority be containing the spread of the coronavirus, even if it hurts the economy.

Likely because of those figures, many were unsure if schools will reopen in the fall. Eighteen percent of New Yorkers think it very likely and 46 percent somewhat likely that by September schools in their area will reopen.

“Majorities of every demographic, except Republicans, think that we haven’t seen the worst of the pandemic, and majorities of every demographic want the government to concentrate on containing the virus even if the economy suffers,”  said Siena Research Director Don Levy. 

The poll also asked New Yorkers about the state of race relations and systemic racism. 

“New Yorkers agree, systemic racism is a problem. Dramatic majorities of every demographic by party, age, race and region think systemic racism is at least a somewhat serious if not a very serious problem. And while 36 percent describe themselves as ‘not racist’, 53 percent prefer to say that they are ‘anti-rascist,” Levy said.

See the full poll results HERE.