Interest in heading down to Miami?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The best chance Bills fans will have to see their team in person is most likely September 20th when the Bills travel to Miami to face off against the Dolphins. While some are concerned about quarantining upon return, there is interest among Bills fans.

Jon Holler of the Miami Bills Backers says Dolphins season ticket holders get first crack at the 13,000 seats available at Hard Rock Stadium. "If there are any remaining tickets, they're going to reach out to us group members who paid their deposit first, which we did in December of last year," says Holler. "If the season ticket holders buy them all, I doubt fans would even go and I think they'd sell them on a secondary site for an increased price."

Holler says not everyone is interested in coming down to Florida this year. "We had about half the amount of people we normally have coming down," says Holler, however, interest remains high. "For the half who said they wouldn't be coming down, I've had more people say yes, they want to come down." Holler says even some family members of players have asked him about tickets, and notes if his group is chosen, he'll get as many tickets as possible.

Holler says if you do go to Miami, keep in mind it won't be as open as Buffalo is now. "You have to wear masks walking down the street in Miami. Warnings and fines up to $500. Even walking out of the hotel, you have to wear a mask at all times," warns Holler. He adds Fort Lauderdale has opened up indoor seating at restaurants and bars.

For fans who get tickets, Holler says the Dolphins will have no more than six people per row, with four empty rows between people.

AAA's Elizabeth Carey says her office has received few inquiries about the trip to Miami. "That doesn't mean fans don't want to go down there, they just don't want to use a travel consultant and they're checking out flights and maybe even considering driving down there," says Carey. She says Southwest from Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale goes for $120 each way, and Delta has flights from Buffalo to Miami for $337 round trip. "Some of those flights have been booked, so some are flying to Miami for the game," notes Carey. 

Carey says the quarantine has been an issue no matter the purpose of traveling, whether for an Easter trip or the upcoming Bills game. "The quarantine is so much of a hassle for people they've decided to stay in New York State, and that's meant a lot of travel within New York," adds Carey.