Cuomo: caution flag stays up for WNY

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The caution flag remains up for Western New York, says Governor Cuomo. The region's positive test rates for COVID went up Tuesday.

"We're still watching WNY. It's at 1.5 percent, that's not good," says Cuomo. "We have been taking actions in Western New York and I think people got the message. We still have the caution flag, but the numbers aren't increasing. That's good news," says Cuomo.

Cuomo announces the 33rd straight day that New York State's COVID-19 infection rate has been below 1 percent. Yesterday, 0.91 percent of tests reported to the state were positive. "New York State's infection rate has been under 1 percent for 33 straight days, which is great news and a credit to New Yorkers and what they're doing," Cuomo says. "And that is with more testing than any other state. If you want to see something interesting, look at how many tests different states are taking. If you don't do many tests, you won't find many cases and the number of cases will drop. But that is false comfort. When we say this is how many cases we have, that's accurate because we're testing more than anyone else."

He adds the New York State Department of Financial Services has taken action to extend emergency regulations requiring New York health insurers to waive cost-sharing associated with emergency room visits, in-network telehealth visits, in-network outpatient provider office visits, in-network urgent care center visits, and in-network laboratory tests when the purpose of the visit or test is to diagnose COVID-19, and waiving cost-sharing for in-network telehealth services for any healthcare service covered under a policy, including mental health and substance use disorder treatment until November 9, 2020.