You WON’T BELIEVE What You Should Do If Your Pet Gets Sprayed By A Skunk! Star Fan Lisa Tells…

Thursday, April 12th

Both Rob and Producer Rosie smelled skunk on the way to work today, in two completely different areas! After doing some research and some on-air talk, it turns out that late winter, early spring is mating season for skunks.  Due to our spring being so cold, it seems the skunks are sticking around even later this year!

So what to do if your pet gets sprayed by a skunk? Star fan Lisa called us with a remedy you won’t believe…bathing your pet in Summer’s Eve.  Yes, THAT Summer’s Eve.

Click and listen to Lisa’s skunk story, and then click HERE for fun facts about skunks from The Humane Society of the U.S.


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So what do you point 5715. Horrible skunks smell yeah theories that title one does Amber's today people wrote not cause too far from the studio. Leases witnesses morning hello Lisa. What's your skunk story. Now I am oh my god we're grade I. Direct pack rat in the city where it's horrible way. Stomach churning bit back is you outlet. It would it absolutely is. We could spend the day and night out I'd have grabbed it would and how it was. We tried everything I'm at a time we what we bought ads aren't stop on the door and we tried it. Yeah they don't it would have not been where he had a good. Right herb that told her to do that and it worked. Indeed did need big actor got here about that it great I. At where our. Numbers. And it it that the smell. It work. When is summer receive a how to always say this. Amateur pot you remedy yet that's it I was thinking Rosie can turn your microphone for these things I IGG eight it's a feminine print yet yet exactly. So cleansing product. So murders. Really in it instantly happened. And cleaned out nothing where. When asked what that some aren't EU and it was completely bought. Here's what I wanna know who is the first person. To figure out using Summers he gets skunk smell off your dog. Poor though one could try that first. I don't know Arabia it he'd. Iron arms you would get an area known he had he had heard dot quicker and we're getting ready and why how. This morning hurt arm reach that I. But he can't get that error don't like it did tonight I think. It works. Wow. That is that is great information were to take this entire phone call. And later this morning we're gonna posted on her web page. Because this is information all of dog owners should know all pet owners should know for a for a lifetime. Wow hey you know we're gonna do for you. Lisa because you gave us information we can all use. Just. I just happen to have an extra pair Dugard ouster could you gonna go see him October 19. Shot. Oh yeah. Seriously you do stuff like that for us and all of Western New York we're gonna help you out. Armed. Axle that I just want everybody else and no we're not taking tickets away from you would get a bunch giveaway today. Wow this sushi says summer's eve I'm like rob don't go there then don't go there. So I gotta get some from my house now so Rosie can you go to it tough to wait minutes for me because I'm not environments. 717. Imagine dragon star ought to 2.5 thanks Lisa.