You Will Never Look At The Wendy's Logo The Same Way Again After Hearing Rob Lucas Say This!

Wednesday, March 7th

There was a HUUUUGE twitter war between Wendy's and McDonald's yesterday.  Which led Rob to mentioning something about the Wendy's logo that the company says was completely unintended, but we feel is the greatest subliminal advertising ever.  Click, listen, and you'll never look at Wendy the same way again!


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I. Starlet 2.5 so did you see the grenades being lobbed back and forth between Wendy's and McDonald's yesterday on Twitter it's was brutal. This yesterday a national frozen food day. McDonald's announced they were no longer going to serve frozen burgers. Sometimes you should publicize things you do in other times you should. Do nothing it just let people notice and let it happen because. They they they treated all the quarter pounders will be made with fresh beef starting in May. So when these started bombarding McDonald's on Twitter. Started would pay at McDonald's heard the news hefty cash take national frozen food day to you for all the frozen beef that sticking around New York cheeseburgers. And their producer for did Jimmy pointed it out to be here to drop the windy speech on Twitter. Wow. It was brutal yesterday. I'm like fifteen tweets in and Wendy's is that happy little windy girl just banking McDonald's on Twitter yesterday. It was pretty incredible and I'll tell you this I worked at a Wendy's. When he many many years ago and Ocean City, Maryland when I was the only get part time radio where there's like worked at a Wendy's for about six week once in. Yeah it was there was nothing frozen then so as to what he says and there's nothing there's frozen they're absolutely right must we change things. But I'm looking at these brutal tweets. And man it is just know Jimmy you pointed this out it was mcdonalds trying to come back against them on Twitter at all or they just silent and so I think there are fairly silent down. But whoever runs that Twitter account this is brilliant yet when when she's met effect on their Twitter account. At the top it's as we like or tweets the same way we like to make hamburgers better than anyone expect expect from a fast food joint. So very very it's like the biggest gold knights even really coolant Twitter and I will also say this. Rod got no stock in when he's ready for annual whatever it is. Wendy's has the greatest subliminal advertising. Of all time I've never heard anybody talk about it I noticed it in the past here and even my wife said yeah your right. Whenever you see Wendy's ad in UCP Wendy's girl caricature that picture of windy. Look at her collar. It spells out especially in some ways the way they do the colors and her colors spells out mom. Am able to. And producer Jimmy I just pointed it out to you you think you're right my suggestion or not known none at all there in there's nothing more comforting. Then mom. The wind these girls look at her collar it's MOM. Mom. You look at it that way you go oh my gosh I'd ever subliminal advertising to fast effort from Wendy's. 748. Our traffic is always fresh never frozen dinners out there remember Dave Thomas yeah absolutely I interviewed him once and at a Wendy's and but nowadays I had a salad bar outreach to what looked an awful lot this what I Orkut that went yeah right it was like this needs. For the in this news. LG did at that I have a they are now on the roads like it's there are you here.