Wing King Drew Cerza Talks Wingest 2017 With Rob Lucas!

Friday, September 1st

The 17th National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival is this Saturday and Sunday!  WIng King Drew Cerza (and his giant sceptre) joined Rob Lucas to talk 16 years of Wingfest and all that is new this year.

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There's nobody more photogenic. Then winking through serves up and his giants after. I slipped back. Hi outlook toward using the outline every single year. Hi my dad had his heavy slept at all this week or want I actually had a rough night two nights ago because you could pop up out of that oh my god Africa this Africa that are defective dogs that get them going. Actually slept last night it's it's a rough week I actually saw us last night that's. What is the biggest things that you've learned over and first of all this is the 94 year Korean for a company yours has it that I'm this will be 1616. Years throwing dressed what do you prompt from day one until now what's the date I'm sure it's. You went so smoothly now and you start months if not and 363. Or four days in advance its biggest change over the years. Well he audiences some ESP what's it like today compared to be a wedding planner. Except there's a hundred brides. Which means hunger bride's mother's. And there's a wedding date and you gotta keep moving everybody down the aisle right. Up to that point keep everybody happy to the point they say I do the I do is when we opened at noon on Saturday there. And that's what it's like but it's enjoyable I think he'll through the years if somebody young. But the same faces a combat the vendors like botch you work the ten people whatever they know what their jobs are so it's made easier for me. All the information by the way foregoing press is it buffalo wing dot com buffalo wing dot com Saturday noon to nine Sunday noon to seven at Coca-Cola field. What what's new that we can look forward to this year yet and in your question you really instruments are quick question how is it evolved over the years that's okay you failed in the playoff I just basically want a time do we. She lives like just because they like to win again. You know it's it's it was a logical reason beginning but it over the years you want to add some other side shows some other events within the event. And last year we analyze we added that seeding on the field which everybody wanted to VIP stuff in the VIP section was we thank you for allowing us to give away VIP tickets that just you and I enjoyed that last year it's a special experience Tammy McCall we needed and style where you get dodge it's first recruit which is ever happened. Are you gonna assume your plate and cup which can go into each other she can create. Hold your three can play with one hand in the with the other which is a huge advantage which cities this huge huge advantage but that's all my wife is for the old I mean when we go to the store I have to hold her purse when she's changing all the time it was at two sexist was it too early for that there's you know I'm joking I love my wife because you got the -- excellent idea how does that hold your purse thank you man I don't that are in their life on that until the VIP areas just yet that's a lot of fun we have the buffalo new enjoy warrior challenge so we have a ninja warrior course set up by actually an actual ninja warrior Patrick called always on series five Americans were here seek to take runs on that. And people are after you eat wings support during the I got a timeout with a five K Warren on Sunday which -- stills are now -- -- about that because Smyth Sunday morning it's free and I'd kind of biking in and running more this year and I very well can you sign up today overnight you can sign up they have people that we -- -- because that's one of those I might get out of bed Sunday morning and say let's go to a five K I'll walk for a portion of it because I'm a little -- you know I think we can shape. There's no I don't equate it more port. This week at five keys awesome yup I can runs awesome we've misting tent Casey gets too hot but. You know we are Bobby per. Chicken wings and kiddie pool will blue cheese we have it stick chick week contest with the Joey chestnut exclusion of currency other big all the big east television comedy and -- always excited we have a thoughtful that baseball actually on Saturday night where the five pounds of food. How we can't this amateur contest that saw sauce for local law and folks like you when your wife that might say I make the best solace in my kitchen wellness challenges cool out so onstage and we have judges and on the spot below we pageant of Davey win contests so. There's something going on all the time and with a heavily children whose house we had. The police and lose all week long as well all the information you've got the festival guide it a flowing dot com website is awesome. Every year you bring in new restaurants from across the country if not across the world. Who Orson newbies or to see new places that are coming to buffalo this year from our response from other places we've got one that's actually coming back caught fire on the mountain they've been featured on the Food Network several times Europe Portland Oregon they've got some awesome points. We've got a little joy out of Toledo to suck it out of there we don't so I'll type it out exactly. This guy took over cafe at 21 he's now 31 perverted into chicken place he's got a lot of passion. For weeks he said about the size of the restaurant right it's the person cook in the Wayne's. And the passion they have for the prep the process in the saucy we know that here in buffalo we love our hole in the wall places where there's eight tables. And indie run out of stuff at 830 but that's just the wiggles at night if they don't have a fresh they don't serve exactly wanna do right into the least common locally Gabriel's gate. Good all of this we to a classic name and a western new York and doc Sullivan's. Docs all of I have no doubt Sullivan's south buffalo okay yeah south buffalo now I don't you ever heard the city wins if you're from soft ball boy you know all about the city will discuss special unique flavor there are millions will have to teach me can't give up the secret ingredient but it's really brings will be at the fest with docs always for the first time all right cruisers out from the wing press seventeenth annual. On this Saturday to Sunday and let's talk about the charity it's five bucks to get in and you have raised. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for charity. Over the years how about the kind of in the middle. OK okay. 34500 yards almost like an artist to embellish I wish she was millions don't get there the idea that three of 45000 all local charities on. And the last several years including this year it's our meals on wheels Western European Alzheimer's Association western European food that the Western New York sorry three creature he's. And you get great in this interview considering he has to be very stiff he's got his chicken we had. And he can barely move and it's like he you know he's like he's evocative what do you what he talks in in it's he he can't pop up and down too much there I forgot I had done this is part of the title it's natural you know you get better on the top of the sector on the bottom. Thank you. Well also I thought I would get Ellen and nicely. If you will see you there this weekend as they.