Wing King Drew Cerza Chats All Things Wing Fest With RLITM!

Thursday, August 30th

The 17th annual National Buffalo Wing Fest is Saturday and Sunday (September 1st and 2nd) at Coca-Cola Field!  Click and listen for everything you need to know.  Visit the Wing Fest website for more info! 

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Let's talk going Fresno a no no we're gonna talk wing press later untrue serves going king. And star of the bachelorette is in the house to morning drove thereof aria who claim to fame yet he hit it well here's what we're gonna do because you're here early we can do lake three different segments of the interview great segment one all about the bachelorette. Signet two will duel little bit on the wing dressed segment three will do my role in the wing pressed great because you've asked me to be apart under judged the best wing this year yes yes you were recruit all right so now the bachelorette we saw a couple of months ago my wife and I are watching it is the guy above and buffaloes on it. In my wife says whose debt hauntingly attractive man at the anchor bar and it will that's Jason and he's back no. The diet too isn't that true served overweight got this accusers. How how followed another segment on TV was like what six or seven minutes maybe not even to solidly anchor Barbie be minute health code that I wasn't. You know the whole thing for buffalo was probably six yeah okay good luck yet this tournament but now for that minute and a half acre bar. It's goodies it was a nice on you to say it would hit the microphone this is caught in not a beer bottle sounds like you cut to the guys are fired how long were you there for that 92. Segment on TV. Yeah doable I get a call from ABC than this we have to talk confidentially is basically a civil or show called the bachelorette. And dollars a do we now know it because I two daughters home and a wife and every Monday night I'm on my own. So they asked me that staging weekly contest at the Khobar put it together and then the result hometown visit the final 44 dog guys get a hometown visit that your soul his hometown is in buffalo and we put out the anchor bar and probably got there around noon. And left around six. And you know it was different if you do a lot of signing off I mean an hour ago was people signing off you mean like is saying to confidentiality. Exactly in the background relatively rural area again and they film different entries without them their. And then when they came and we were rated go Kandel couple practiced running TVs that is exactly is happening is this is a little stormy ocean says something and take the best one I will say this is when Beckett and Jason came through that was just straight to. Like there that all that was all real deal straight through so that was the real deal and dom funny thing about hope and I'm leaving at 6 o'clock that night. And you security card comes up and says you're gonna see who's here. Who has Al Roker. I got to meet Al Roker. At the income are the same night that's got a picture with Al Roker is one of my hero is he doing here they were doing this segment the next day on this great charitable organizations why has now now he ran yes the older ladies and they caddies on the east side yet a great feel unbelievable and that's what he was doing that before so what a day the bachelor and Al world's NBC excellent so no behind the scenes did did Beckett ever say. Hey you know mr. serves you are the wing king you are hauntingly attractive. And if it doesn't work out with his Jason guy I found out I had a better thing for buffalo man. I distillers to them wife's not affect the awesome my wife and daughter were there on and I tip baca. She was very down to earth like on the show that's an anonymous said either on an easy point to so much an older yeah you want to I have been around him good pitches to reach people. And I spent some time off sat with them and they just seem like the real deal and they really like each other. And I think the thing that hurt Jason which came through. They were almost like two good friends early on. And you know that's a show or let the shoeless Joseph was in like he was in love. Yeah you know the guys he's cool dude yeah I know and I know I think you've got as prominent for the interest and I do I do now. Yeah so he I think he was like he's always loses Jon hood idol was on the show. And very successful finance guy with keybank. By a very successful in nearly a year you put guys who look good but don't have to have nothing to go exam aren't in there trigger another trainer I don't sense on today it's a lot of idea yet he's got contest self Selena and the other thing you mentioned you what was sheep because this is if I'm on TV for something indeed the rule of if it came off well is what is my wife when you watch it on TV with the would be to wife and kids say about it. While the the top thing was is on you know we steep for a long time and I knew most who hit the cutting room floor and saw it was a shorter segment but. No my what was under briefly but one daughter. Under Cole was on it my youngest daughter Sydney's plays ball saint Bonaventure soccer so she couldn't come into his all the stress tests plug. It was on it was a nice statement of buffalo that was a nice save me and always good to see ball full featured and I thought. Buffalo came across well because adjacent capsule as a buffalo guy absolutely and you did your part as well try and ninety cent tries the producers at her from wing press the seventeenth annual wing press. We'll talk about that in a second person gets a pizza in from box you would you bring in from watching today I got John from Bob Sheehan you know what this is like an annual tradition I know Jimmy -- quiet again Michael and free John if you wanna see anything but I know you like just kind of hanging in the background so no doubt he say no this way oh yeah you can switcheroo nudity bring in your life he brought of course he brings in this pepperoni pizza. Pizza which is unbelievable but. He's got the Barbeque wings which is one. Sixteen national first place awards at the wing passed the 132 national words overall with the Pitt wins are definitely the best. You know he's got traditional media -- I'd say your pit are the the the plate that's the plight and he'll be one of the how many restaurants that are of Islam twenties and nineteen chicken wing restaurants and a bunch of new ones as well from across the country you'll talk about those everything we talk about by the way you can find online at wings buffalo wind blowing dot com buffalo wings are on the back would you answers at talked about wing press after Arianna Starwood 2.5 2.5 it is coming up at 825 visiting with true users of the wing kings seventeenth annual wing press TrueCrypt on the copy cut to close the money I'm sorry I'm sorry I talked again. Following fast all day Saturday all they Sunday Coca-Cola field. Just general Telus would strikes out he was being for those who've been there and some people have been there all seventeen years that or for a first timer what's big what's new what's different this year. You know it's funny round as some people have taken a hiatus and the top the each year is keeping things fresh. So we always knew that the Eddie bans within the bats. So I will last three years we've it's so much we ate we have on fuel seeding now. With big pot with big gut top ten it's on the infield which people of the waiting for so you can sit down to two wins on the field right you know the sun. We have a VIP party deck in center field at Bay Area that's been huge and is it two years old and on the ask him to thirty or thirty years yeah. Big play and it's only it's thirty dollars in your purse strings three. Together the special we played a cop private seeding private bar it's really the way to way to win in style we say. We have a ninja warrior course big start for you last year that's the up big yet and it's great for kids anywhere from five years old to have. The eighteenth. You know it's it's an actual course it's a guy that was on the ninja warrior shall Metrocall. He was actually on season five you are you her real name dropper when it comes to people on greed BT I Asia and all I like him to admit I like to give you credit that he's got a nice gym in Lancaster a ninja warrior Jim and the mechanical chicken wing and how I not know about this while because he should have brought it up and over the golf we have desolate Tom did you really yet you know at least UK I know what you know what happened once in about logistics. When you've got stuck at all I know I know it was there at edit all his work your Mets and I had all his were real to me or care. His capital of the mechanical you literally had to re arrange a field is Izzo deserves a chance of a shower so mobile users alike and it wasn't the only south and we had a relocated I know I. Another I moved it it won't rain can we give you whatever sales. It motion. Picture arts seriously are serious people it's like the commission to. So you'll get a cut of are you still have the IK the five K run on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock you can. Run and then entry into the festival first drinks free and freeways and speaking of drinks craft Beers have come along the way a couple of years ago I didn't get the craft beer thing now that's all I buy your craft Beers and it truly exploded for you guys because nothing goes better with the wings and beer while no doubt about it in the buffalo buys and so are huge partner that helped LaSalle and open up the fuel forests are gonna drop free. He handles all the cookies can be Kemp markets in the handle the craft beer areas we have all local craft Beers with some mice in the table salt. We if you haven't been there a while we've really evolved and we've says yes all the things that people want there and liberties a weekend where some years people have personal things going on and they can't go up and it's just one of those types work you may go to the wing forest every five years or gender or some who have been there for seventeen. By name some of the restaurants I think seven rate that are brand new this year. Yeah he can do it off the top here that I know a little bit or will I have we have some wings built we got displays called the dirty buffalo and dom. Couple guys from Rochester went on North Fork Virginia opened up place and they've been featured on the Travel Channel several times during we go please call bone heads which is coming back after a hiatus. I got married you believe on Labor Day weekend I'll come on but they've got a maple bacon chicken wing which is one of my favorites. We've got a restaurant coming in from Bob in London England. Thus to kiwis and they've got a wing it's actually on. Another scorpion paparazzi ciskei you're what pepper is it just kept Broncos pepper. Which is just a nasty nest I don't have to judge there to at least not but they smoked in the pickle it. Over three months so all it's not as hot it's terrible Lewis got that job. Those upper class players people have been tickled over three. And sorry here. Another sleeper when Mickey fine different we have over a hundred different sauces a sleeper sauce I've filed last year is up Blackberry brandy chicken when. And it's got to sound he can explodes near it's not it's unbelievable comment and Etan explodes in your mouth it's a place called milanese. A little place in and only bill Ohio so. We try to find those old jams. These though the folks that have dedicated their lives to chicken wings and Mosul once we bring the fast and that's the way anchor bar dobbs they were all little gyms here and buff yeah exactly it's exactly electorate are it will take a break and come back one more time withdrew. Because I don't know how he selected me to be on the committee who who who to determine. The best wing the wing of the year yes are located that after FGL star awarded 2.5 had a great time well also migrate with truce or winking in studio this morning talking about the seventeenth annual wings pressed all the information on line. Buffalo wing dot com. You pay your five dollars at the door to get in and you get your wing tickets depending on how much you think you're gonna eat. And a lot of the money a lot of the proceeds goes to charity tells about their true. Over the last sixteen years and spend we've raced. Three or 65000 dollars approximately for local charities and done. A whole slew of local charities over the years but consistent the last twenty years is that the meals on wheels foundation the western York re all tired association Western New York. We donate all the extra wings to the city mission. It's a big fight you have left overs we have left or sometimes idea out exactly because you're not there the other night out of it. I'm always supporting the food bank personally and dom. Units were dual some with units this year great bombs so it's it's fun it's great you know it's it's a it's a it's a can be bent involves a lot of good people community event that gets national attention there will be years have you had Travel Channel anybody sign it to come in this year I don't goes in waves some years everybody's here in some years you do allies a few less interviews nationally it dollars in rent sixty minutes right for -- re on their four. With K well shall we do your own sixty minutes interview with allergies if that's what with a Bluetooth character yeah yep -- on channel two but for international which she's very. It's a sixty minutes earlier at sixty minutes in my head data that's sixty minutes out I don't know if you wanna be announced that you can then knock on the door so why did you pick me. Why should my wife from like he wants me trying nineteen wings akin to catch this Weytman. Pick if you don't load up would pizza and chicken fingers you'll do fine would nineteen winks so I'm. On one of the immediate people how many will determine who the best wing overall it is probably about 25 people and rob I've asked you before what you always have a during a late Kiki seems it's every year I give up yet you know and connect through it and there again this year feel like I'm here I'm yeah I'm then sell off card give lawyers an idea exactly exactly. So on yeah we've we've dueled for doing this you were called best to show. We're gonna ask each in the nineteen wing joints. Your best win the one that you'd say I think this is the best when I got so delighted to eat. Each of them because nineteen wings is a lot and that's a that's an appetizer emergency in my tying Don this knowledge is taken no levee you're gonna walk round with some friends and affair you know you have no for now you can if you're gonna find friends for me good luck VIL I got I I just posted it so we'll see where there's. To be me into the Jimmy logging are very Goddard got. So I will tell you the Piedmont one biter for you want to finish the wings a tie there that good do you my goal is to see you walk out with a food come for a block just perfect. I want you to food coma the book if if Leo food co if if any restaurants are listening or in this I'm joking around but I will take it totally series I will not mr. know this because restaurants this is a big award is a CR means no I won't just go for all there buffalo restaurants or they win I'm gonna go for our will try all the wings even those. That I think I mean out like yes the great thing is you get surprised you're stationed at that did that bull was the Blackberry brandy hit an eight absolutely. Yeah I thought anymore drink that little heated but it still be trying to. We'll just different it's like ones that you wouldn't expect. I mentioned a maple bacon when Britain it is smells and tastes like a pancake breakfast and also be judging with me can you name drop. A com. Why you know another newcomer on my part you up with Kate for channel two because she's yup she's a rookie and she's been we 1970 training program. That's all there all yes she's been very low carbon. Then Don lot of hydration lot of water so you got two days rubbed a drink lots of water out of sight at a high rate that's about that's good that's good you can't over exercise. You know we do we need fresh legs to walk around what dumb yes and we're a team yup with probably enough for. Sport by people. Are excellent we will see you Saturday and Sunday downtown all the information from wing fear for us the seventeenth annual at buffalo wing dot com thank producers thanks travel is we let you read it through the entire interview. And I hit I did not mention once your fabulous ball in sector. Don't know if not this after looks like it has had been polished and while they all. Owner's report by.