WIll The NEW American Idol Be Worth Watching? Rob Sez...

Friday, March 9th

American Idol returns this Sunday (3/11) on ABC. Are you going to watch? Will it be worth it? Click and listen as Rob hits on a few things that could make or break the new American Idol! 


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Yeah I love me. So a lot of 2.5 719 when she was an American Idol judge wasn't she. Yet apps isn't it funny how we forget who was a judge and I'm looking at produce thoroughly wasn't right Gerri. I can she was like she took over loopy Paula yeah or it's. So funny and that's we'll get into here. Whether or not this version of vital will be successful Sunday night first thing I want to say about title that'll be interested in is will they be using this the police who put up a little bit. Will and grace when he came back they did a good job of keeping the faces of the original theme in updating. Will they be using this original theme or something close to it. On American Idol. Secondly the biggest thing you notice it's been well publicized is. No bad auditions. Because they want it to be kinder gentler idol American needs that no making fun of people. I don't see that working. Think of all the times you went to work after watching idol and yet you talked about Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood and everybody was at war. Talking about she saying she brings williams' song or is really just mentioned off the I forgot about the fans on the ground got out of this song though. Eats on the ground piceance on the ground. Did it it it. Let it and it's not a good out yet aren't so they're not not gonna have anybody that you can make fun. And I understand that but at the same time I'm sorry. You signed a contract in wanna go on stage that's part of that deal all. That bad six. A lot of people there wanna be made fun of it it's their five minutes of fame William Hung William on this bill never ever get again. So it it also all nice. Can lead to all boring. Just a real good ones don't see it out as much when everybody's nice and everybody's trying to do so that's part of it the second thing you'll be watching for is the production. He is American Idol was. What are the best most tightly will produce Joe's ever ever ever. The editing. Then they did eight. Rage even when I hated watching idol I still respected and how well produced that show us that they've done you know I mean to try to duplicate that is going to be really really tough. And that that's also the issue of duplication and no matter what they do we'll a lot of people watch for half an hour and send. Been there. Done that. It's about the same thing. Mack-Cali is always better. You never know you're going to sitting in in the wild card. In we just mentioned Mariah Carey is a judge. That's the biggest wild cards. Part of the success of idol right off the bat. Was that he Rico don't make fun of people that mean cranky Simon Cowell who said it the way it was Simon. Paula Abdul and her leukemia is in Randy dog checks they were just they were characters. Other judges who came in with characters Mariah Carey. Steven Tyler. They always seem to have a character on the show. Can Katy Perry Lional Richie in the other guy who have already forgot his name these characters. I don't know I think Katy Perry can this. Lional Richie. Man. A lot of people maybe watch because of this while Richie records wolf when Steven Tyler did idol. Aerosmith record sales and downloads. Skyrocketed for awhile. You people who were between the ages of twelve when he discovered who Steven Tyler of Aerosmith tour. Maybe the same will happen for a while we're while Ritchie were people who do this song in the village. I know you wrote this piece sing that song too are you kidding me so that's the way I'll be watching American Idol on Sunday. And I think even if the greatest in deep plus that'll be success for them. It's just there's certain things you don't want to mess with and American Idol was the best of the best of the best. You know they always say are often imitated never duplicated. It's almost like they're trying to imitate themselves because I don't know we'll be of the duplicated 723 its star awarded 2.5 connectors illustrating actual car.