What Are Paczkis, And Why Do We Eat Em? The Fat Tuesday Scoop From Paula's Donuts!

Tuesday, February 28th


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Starlet a 2.5 it is Fat Tuesday it is put ski day 2017. Day before Ash Wednesday and push keys are one of those donuts pay well wait a minute is it a donut it is is it a pastry those are the questions people have so. I thought we get. Paul is doughnuts on the here to tell us all about it today up about it in. I was expecting I mean the phone call and I was expecting chopped mr. Paul is donuts. Was this morning but instead we have Paul ourselves good morning Paula uber. According wrapped how are you good morning good not that I don't want to talk to you but I it all these class I was gonna talk behind your back and I was gonna ask you husband questions about you. I apply that can be dangerous yes it now I'll have to talk about him. Where that might get better. So we had a we had a winner in one room five tickets like about 20 to 7 this morning she said she was one of the what do the people in line at 5 AME yourself keep plaza store for Boone skis. How that's a way it works with foods keys how Long Will they class this morning. All of our bacon holidays so we have the three locations all baking we actually have an extra kitchen at Clarence. So. You know all of us politicians are Beijing we're doing our best just to keep up with the band that was rescued baking and you know the end of the day. So what are police keys they're not a doughnut they're not up pastry what are today. I'd say is. Cormier donut ignored me don't actually it's it's. We take I mean mixed as they only had like a term pay them prouder at seminary at other ingredients. And you come out with a fantastic. Donuts is play it as. So. Their hard it is but even for use their hard to describe. Well it was I think as a girls probably one because if we start debate yet they just try to keep up with the B and about 1 o'clock. In the afternoon we started baking Alabama and just the other about the demand much as. And if I don't I take and make any frozen. Right product at all so it's like you know yet we had to settle early. But I have one last night there was dole assess. Who has Felicia. Well that's your brick stone it's I mean they had expanded its rates. We over fellow we have like the three different telling we have in the traditional black raspberry. They have linemen in an area in you can get it either plays badly outside our powdered. He ended they're just they're like big. All. Why are they just why are they just one day only was there are some sort of religious right that happened or is it a rule among on awe among all bakeries we're gonna keep the points he's the one they only keep that special why why not 365 year. Well and hit the let don't let you know. I guess traditionally from what I've heard. I'm everybody was trying to veto dedication what publisher current farm before lent started. And would put those to the one day for Apollo donuts. It is so hard pressed to keep up when are they donuts in the fund is that we get the lead just five minutes of the Wednesday. But I mean I know. There are other bakery you do have a great settlement fees and. We're chatting with a woman who's got a name and the company. It was noted that Paula uber. So there we go from the folk we go pro am I sit in my life ago they're doing push keys and she stopped me and said please tell me they're doing five knots. And it's a five to not start tomorrow what's the significance of barge knots. And that's all I'll let him go ahead and and basically is it's distant pieces right go. Oh I love it that's all I need a little harder should run it may be your life. It was great it's cinnamon sugar bring a sugar we have a power pitcher we have glazed. Yes they start tomorrow. And they go for that they're not just one day you we can we get a drop out on your phone their that they're not just one day only they go for a couple of weeks the five knots. Obvious by the all right so on the deep freeze here. They be so throughout the entire Clinton season. All right so things were letting us on it's really neat how we leave Chang and just call it all comes together and it's it's so neat that those things are just you know their for a limited amount of time in. I hope a hundred years down the road Paula junior junior junior whatever is keeping. To bring itself back AP. Well yeah I would like to say though is. I I get to give it. Express how much work it is and just sent my staff how fantastic they act. And how hard they're working. You know we have around one flavor at one point you know. Just you know defendant in that we're doing the best we can and I think it's everyone have a problem I've. Work specially cherry and Sheridan drive near Sheridan drive from route because I drive them crazy alcohol limit for. And on Friday afternoon I'll be like you know I'm going to be hungry tomorrow can you have like eight as smooth the and his sandwich ready for me at 815. I I I'm just setting the drop her pick up the voted thanks for letting me do that nick and if you report. Wonder all and cherry and Sheridan drive to the caller Mother Teresa is that it. She told me that's not remember her name Mother Teresa Heinz Kerry. No she's still buddy. We are at it where's your husband chuck today. Obviously his running between the story you know helping out wherever needed that's where that's why he ended up bomb has really early. Today we we you you did great you went up to many when you're better than he would event. Listening right now I'm sure. Played a belated alerted to get you know ensure that thought hey what a great way to started de L mica and aspirant he's been tickets tickets. All on starlet 2.5. Thank you miss his ball and see it would mean what time Paul is donuts made with love. And.