UB Hoops Coach Nate Oats Joins RLITM To Talk March Madness!

Thursday, March 15th

We LOVE UB head coach Nate Oats because he has NO FILTER! He'll call out his own team, other teams, and has us thoroughly convinced that UB will beat Arizona tonight...not that we didn't already know that!

This is a MUST listen to get prepped for the UB opening March Madness game tonight.  


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Cotton house Boise treating you guys so far are. Aren't any altitude adjustments out there. No we got out of one today. Is to try to adjust to a broad camera there or maybe use before I executives were government and I'd also like in checked or more straight up on lists with. Check your pretty nice city and it is not like I have all volatile small molecule in Mosul. The knows that he kind of adjustments needed but well about the one on quality players you reluctant and it looked pretty good traditional invite. How well I did you guys watch the saint Bonaventure gain because they know you you know them when you're not on the court together you wrote free each other what was that experience like watching that game. Yeah we actually were at a restaurant. You Bernard. We all had our fault don't watch that have to be locked we were applicable throughout our our own deputies you know what it actually you do open. And all the PGA tour directors were players automatically you can later all the pac twelve. So bottom that you used pretty much held talks. You know I didn't work. We have to respect that I can guard guys who what what goes Geisel saw salute the efforts these calls talking to the game it just felt all my good football that you did. What do you just answered what was going to be my follow up question it and can you get any lessons out of that gap for those who don't know bonnet now goes on to take on Florida number six rank you take on Arizona. Number four and many thought I think it was Jean-Gilles NAS ESPN said. Both UB and Arizona deserve better you deserve to be playing. A slightly weaker team than Arizona conjure better and Arizona deserved to be playing eighteen not as good as you guys so let's got to get to hear from your standpoint. God I completely agree I thought the committee. For whatever reason. And I don't know why they do there's only to do it maybe it so you do if you investigations people sort of all thanks bill at a great point Laguna portion. There's only as much proportion of people that play soul. They it wouldn't vote through a pull our guys are full government is you're trying to it was like we can tournament so. A that would work twelfth seed we get to beautify personal or hurt you guys before they are sort his sort of us. Was just won't play and they gave us some. What do we do to complain about. They gave us you know you have to play really good people where what and actually start to go like to match yes you have bigger guard play it could. Our ducked his straight third owned up to them very good at all and they point out one guy can handle all really don't want fort George sort of where have all give him in foul trouble I think they're gonna have some major problems. When and where do with our Gupta is looked rover boys so I don't want America at all. That's what I like about you you stick your neck out on things and they've got obviously would we watch your most people they watched you this year but they haven't watched Arizona. Do you Andrei eight net seven footer is that something where really you got to play your game we just gotta be cognizant where he is. Yet that's exactly W good thought I you know I told our guys are gonna trade you know we can reinvent the wheel on three days sort of change we are but. Just mauled when you're driving more and but there's this sort of one marker so inept that. Maybe be better served kicked the ball back out soon greeted shouldn't ought to have now we are gonna try to like draw VoIP rebel bit you know nick Perkins June. Knocked out three people that that would play against it drove it it was a freshman. Had wanted to be. It'll Miami at one of the better pick in the ACC and your music evolved our victories big Billy goat play ridiculous fourteen minutes saw it not gonna happen. We paid you couldn't quite yeah political support anybody but hopefully we could draw more favourable Beckel all giveaway coupled with regard to pick it. And both of them poorly thought through it sort themselves or actually. Well thanks for giving us that stuff to look at tonight with NATO would you be head coaches they get ready to take on Arizona when we had you in studio. Before you even started the Mac tournament. But we talked about your fans going to see your team and you said we are based on a lot of ball movement offensively keep it going and energy field defense. Man we saw that in the Mac tournament especially the the championship game there's one point that championship game it was like 2823. You guys had like three turnovers in a row you caused them. Wes Clark I Jeremy Harris he's got like Johnny just like Harry and arms all over the place is that they. Bet he'd he'd he'd logged in Latvia. That the threat notebook. That is developing deserves flop all over but all over. It in print out of those student beaten back out of shot at third of those first you have and what cut. Revert Walter you're scared of those first two games of what to go work championship game. You know all we. Did you resolve Google didn't always score the year we can add up. It all you did everything outside of those scores don't want some opportunities there we do. Did you that you heard it was all all of but I think deserves all the world pretty good shot. Two quick he's before we let you go over with the UB head coach Nate notes on star one or 2.5 first congrats. That on the extension and I hope that you are still here coaching that you be in five years and I hope not that the Mac is and it is good but. I'd love to see you any multiple bid league. Big east ACC Atlantic ten whatever our because I think even the Mac there are a couple schools from the Mac to deserve to be in this yourself how to feel about that another five years in buffalo and I know you're not gonna say you don't wanna be an American the future but try to dream a little bit. Now that the real world are happier we forever what was your executives. The shot you know they would evaluate our result we've got the program has the right direction otherwise have to ghost world try to rebuild Saltzman. In a week out we need right here so administration stepped up we're really happy you know Russell parchment. Who would my wife's cancer flight so there was multiple reasons we want to stay here. We're on an aura resign these stations stadiums and talking about the you know the toppers like. North America. But I need to local moral don't if we fight reserves that we we need to get more aggressive. Kabul with all the conference realignment was. With who don't want but they're they're smaller but very few tops is only don't want to choose what's so hard to predict but that's off. Well I know what legal and even give him like he which at all yeah hole they would release the what. Is we've got to open I think what he's always got dual more about conference saw off. In particular profile raise a who worked on a normal week. Who were supposed to do our I would not point five I don't like some thought they were points certainly can't hurt ya. But we just you know what shall. We can go look what Barack that a boxer accused everywhere cops are accused in the summer we were reported. They either. Have up your morals squad one way or because we were 26 RP direct. We've got to go play it here in fact they are now with some temerity I would go on a point. All popping advocated more use our conference doormat and there will be open and are prepared to give us a chance to get multiple births. It you mentioned your wife and Roswell park in this Roy wanted to end this and come full circle your wife crystal or cancer fight. Is she now two years in remission and I read the paper she was about due for another check up. I it we all know cancer it's always lurking never goes away but. So far good good thoughts for her everything's happening well for her. There everything's been really good but he gets the over two leaders such. They're sort of putting cared scared for her soul and she's sort of gotten. The report once you get to envision or have gotten it Tuesday. But we were up one base so that you get quote Paul Sloan it would I don't want that not sure what you get back in season's over. Should you gamble here we got all all good news on that full on assault and false hope to keep a personal or have been great rival part of the great. Secret muxponder. Earnings per envelope are now off don't know what we want absorbed through your anecdotes humorous. She's just got don't Essex County home was still hold her mobile will transform over earned whopper volatile was supposed plot. Paxson won't she's a fighter and so is your team. The other night it was saint Bonaventure is turn. Oddly enough you guys only playing opposite other all each other tonight a lot of Western New York TVs will be going back and forth with the two games. Bad blood thoughtful before that was ultimately earlier work but it is what it is hoped would bolster the work that I. All right in that it's on to Kentucky may be whoever their flags and good luck tonight man thanks Nate. I appreciate it bankrupt.