UB Football Coach Lance Leipold Visits Rob Lucas In The Morning

Friday, August 25th

When Coach Leipold visited Rob Lucas last year, Rob correctly predicted that the CAN'T MISS game of the year would be the home game vs. ARMY, and he nailed it!  The Bulls won in overtime, and it was a super fun, family friendly night all around.  This year, Rob picked TWO MUST SEE games, and Coach Leipold liked what he heard.

So why does Rob say STAR FANS should def be at the Florida Atlantic game on Sept 23rd, and the OHIO U game the day after Thanksgiving?  Click and listen...


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We welcome to the studio UB head football coach coach what it's like both good morning hi you doing an undo what rob how are you feel that I'm sure you were up early today could you wanted to be a patrol of a one to download that new Taylor swift's songs we've America. Global select the ads here while he was so so we'll we'll be askew even football coaches you guys are famous bridges being it's all football football do we even know TV even though the title. You know. I don't have it today and I always bet I do feel bad that I don't but I so I was I saw that users of all the social media and everything she she was doing and something was coming out. And as soon as you say and I'm gonna know it but I do follow follow it it's okay you you'll be ready tampering and getting ready for Minnesota. You getting ready for minutes that you guys are starting very UB starts on the road. A couple of biggies Big Ten against Minnesota that works that was really nice on the schedule when you go to recruit. Yes it's an an opportunity if the players. You don't do the recruiting process everything kinda comes in layers of the players are gonna play it power five. I it institution and he's going to be a players who play in the mid American conference one of the things that usually asked is. Who do you play non conference and we and we have an opportunity saved breezy gonna play a Big Ten team morrow or maybe an ACC team and that always seems to help us and if it's an exciting time for our players. Also helps were down the line hopefully their team comes to buffalo at some point in the future as it is though a lot of teams have come here in the past absolutely. And so last year kind of a tough year for you it is there's a thing anybody who watches football or sports knows. Any coach who doesn't matter whether it's what it's like holding UB knicks even an Alabama program. For some reason that second year. Is all least offer. It and why is that is because you lose the recruiting what is it about its second year well it's it's funny say that rob dessert after my first season. I'd I'd set down at our national convention with Dave Claussen a Western New York native Ryan is that Wake Forest and he told me. You're second year's going to be your most difficult I'm like now on this is we know we're five and seventy exempt got to think around listening and he's going through and they go through a transitional you know federal accounting sometimes offenders players that kind of looking give you a chance and there's. Seeing how they fit in and sometimes guys don't see themselves getting into the system so you. You have a little more attrition and maybe you did the first time. And there's you know that the natural growing pains people figure out what you're doing but I think it's it's a norm around college football in a lot of situations that the second year's tough but we've put behind this and we're we're excited for years there I never thought about that where people figure out what you're doing opposing teams the first year they don't know media about Lance like pulled the coach the second year they know a little bit more about him special where we came from and how we you know things that we've done well now they've got a year's worth of film everybody gets everybody's films look at the office TV or what we have to exchange and they have a lot more on you and and those things kind of complaint part of it but. As I said we have 42 new players last year nine of them showed up the first day camp which is really unheard of at division one football wow this year we have a lot more stability our foundation set and we've had a good camps off. Are in this year you know who your quarterback is talk about Tyree Jackson saw the article on him in the Buffalo News yesterday he he's grown I remember you talking about it Lester saying 6364. Now we six had been yet he's he's a guy who never stops growing and you know hopefully. A more I'm just worried dented the basketball coach NATO chills up in the building and kind of hide tide of hotels and Tyree sick today or something I'm afraid you know to try to get him out on the basketball team. He's six in 067 these two hour 45 pounds he runs well in Afghanistan rifle for an arm. You know he's got that you know the sky's the limit with him it's but yet he's only a sophomore. And but that's great though for you yes it is and a sagging on nine starts last year he's he's gonna have an opportunity to. To grow on that note we're gonna put a lot on his shoulders and his arm let's talk about UB football from a star awarded 2.5 fan's point of view a lot of families listening who maybe the deal's not quite the right atmosphere for them. You guys have done a great job over the past couple of years. This tailgate parties beforehand what's the walked that the team does beforehand up through everybody walked to victory walk to victory beforehand the tailgate party you've got Better Than Ezra performing a one game we had Emmitt starry night in the garden a couple of years ago. Gin Blossoms will be there. The atmosphere review be football's great for a family absolutely you have to really credit our our administration and that starts is our athletic director Allan green in the job that they've done to create death pregame atmosphere the one that we wanna try to emulate. In many positive way eases. You know what what happened before bills game in and what can happen for for people to get together. You know there's a great opportunity for families figure we have you know the jumping pits in other areas for kids to play while parents have a chance to socialize and do things. And then inside state and we be diligent and equally exciting and it's easy parking easy in easy out Vanessa I think rob I've learned since I've been here. People that haven't been to a team before once they come to talk about really that they had a great experience we've got to try to do our part of it again and have them leave in one of with a victory so that's given you similar thing you've learned I was gonna ask what if you learned abouts. About the vote could you kind of from the midwest and stuff in buffalo run the cost of the midwest what did you learn about our area may be in the past two years you didn't know how great the people are. Really is its home thus our family is and we love it here we've enjoyed. You know all our experiences there's a lot yet for us to do as a rambling. But they each and every day we we have an opportunity to meet new people whether peace to our kids activities in that and really I've. Paul how much the while I mean this community is and we wanna be a part of for a long time. Would you be head football coach Lance like pulled OnStar what are 2.5 the season starts Big Ten opponent on the road at Minnesota August 31 what's the next Thursday right yes sir OK and then at army September 9 last year with urine studio I don't try to pick a gamer superstar fans to go to. I think we did well we picked the army game because your senior service academy and that turned out to be a great game for you guys first half not so good and then as second half. You won that overtime wasn't necessary act came back from we're down two touchdowns in the fourth quarter came back. Tied it they missed a field goal right at the XYZ now time and then now we came back and kicked a field goal to win it I'd. I could save. All my years of it being a full blown I'd that would definitely be in the top and definitely most exciting game I've been a part of as a head coach and also because army we said it would be good last year they want us to be navy yes they did so called game as well then they the guys in your. He missed it while we beat the team spirit that beat navy that critical feather in the cap for you guys cigarette Minnesota at army. Your home for the opener against Colgate September 16. And then the fourth game of the year is going to be robs pick game. So I can see now Florida Atlantic Lane Kiffin. Coming to town very sexy opponent they're trying to get their. Their program going as well. Another overtime win against Florida Atlantic that's robs picking for the year of the first one what you think about that. I like to pick I'd like to pick I think it's going to be exciting game I think yeah. I literally picked us to be on top again I'd prefer not to get to overtime but that's what has to look at the wind will take whatever we get it can do it again when he got a coach like with a name like Lane Kiffin coming in a lot of attention getting headlines it's good. And my idol my next pick for a game that star fans should go to. Last scheme of the year November 24. Vs Ohio. Why Thanksgiving weekend everybody's back home all the alumni and stuff can you be alumni will be there and hopefully he'll be playing for a bull has that point I'd never can tell I love it and I also if it's not for everyone at least for the men because that's Black Friday and on anything a guy doesn't wanna be spending any more money. Oh this guys think it would mean goes up a guy that is with the a man who else we need to know about you be football would excite you so much for this year as if you had told us all what are some things that we've been able to do I think. You know our players worked extremely hard not not just on the field in the classroom my last semester we are highest grade point average since we've become a division one football programs organize a darn donut off the field as well. Our our strength numbers and and things that they've worked to get ourselves in a better position are really off the charts from where they were a couple of years ago. And those are things that that make you proud as a coach now. Just like anything else is as we years you know. Down and down in Orchard Park it's a process and it truly is you've got to take time you've got a gold bug day by David that this group rule I'm willing in there and able to take on this challenge. Well good luck in Minnesota. Good luck and army will see you for the opener Colgate and I'll see you in overtime when you win against Florida Atlantic. Had to deal if that happens we're gonna be tweeting back before it's right or I'll be like him don't you're darn good there the I'd pick they'll go next week yes but thank you very much rob appreciate the opportunity thanks Leslie it's like full head coach UV football.