Trans-Siberian Orchestra Guitarist Joel Hoelsktra Joins Rob Lucas With A Preview Of This Years Show

Friday, October 27th

TSO's Ghost Of Christmas Eve: Best of TSO And More tour hits Buffalo for 2 shows on Saturday December 16th at Key Bank Center.  Long time TSO guitarist Joel Hoelkstra joins Rob Lucas In The Morning for a fascinating chat about the spirit of Paul O'Neil living on after his passing this past summer, how the band takes pride in working so hard (8 shows in 5 days on average) during the holiday season, and what to expect in this years show.  Get your Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets here...and $1 of each 8pm show ticket sold goes to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Western New York.


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Republicans in the morning on starlet 2.5 man I thought we had chatted with everybody prime trans Siberian orchestra over the years. And then we find jolt hoax strode who you've been with TSL for seven years we've seen you would buffalo what since 2010. Yet grade boy you that your your research. I I I did I'd be able look at a press kit the ghost of Christmas Eve and more comes to buffalo two shows are December 16. A star is sponsoring the second show get your tickets now at the keep banks in a box office and a dollar of every ticket sold goes to benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society of Western New York I I guess whenever. You're talked about TS elegy gets set to go on the tour. We have to talk about the legacy of Paul O'Neill a little bit his passing of surprisingly this summer it should go out at the spirit of Paul O'Neill if I guess is gonna fill every arena you guys are in. Yeah exactly as it. Obviously does that blues also has a wonderful guy from down perspective you know he just believed that all of us some options. You know Roy can admit that the we we have to make them proud. And in terms you know what you're gonna be CNN you're out there he data ready expressed what he wanted to show it to be like this here. It's just going to be this magical Turkey. You know really I mean every know you're going to be aired as what he wanted to hear and it's you know it's just one of those scenarios where you wanna go laden and makes somebody product if this is what Paul wanted he wanted to continue on and it's the tradition and the legacy of TS so ourselves. Here we go. I always say you guys have a tough gig not only because of the condensed. Schedule you'll do you're doing five shows in three or even a three have four days at times but. Every year you're doing some of the same songs because look let's face it people wanna hear Christmas candidate they want you know all the songs they wanna hear. But you have to change the show up a little bit every single year what might be new and different this year can you let us in on that. Well you know there's always on the staging and production and you know that I was the motto is always bigger and better every year yourself. I'm terms of that nothing that could change we're always look confirmed you know the next steps. In terms of how coming out due ourselves. And musically speaking the front half is going to be the ghost of Christmas Eve which is essentially like a the greatest hits or a best of so those that haven't seen get it's actually a great opportunity come on and hear the best candidate and in terms of the back cast that always changes fill every year that's always a little bit different and new songs have been swapped in and out of course there's been immaterial out. A new new record out in 2015. So. You prior year's summit. You know along with all of this stuff for the Christmas trilogy and you know stuff that people are familiar west. But you know we're we're able to mix it up every year and it always feels fresh to us. With Joseph hoax drug to tar us for trans Siberian orchestra they'll be in town for two shows December 16 that it keybank senator. Talked about the condensed schedule you guys have where you have like 161000 shows in a month and a half what are I'm a better for. No matter we chatting with a drummer somebody in the chorus whose voices you're using it twice today what do you do to get in shape for this tour. Well yeah it's really icon at the Marines of rock. It it's like you're you're basically doing a sound check and then the matinee show quick break you do the evening show. And then you'll have to get out sidelined for the entire arena which is also a plus for those that haven't seen TSA get right at all afterwards and have a sign everything that's that the work. Really proud of the enhance them with the fans and everything. But yeah and I mean it it's. Basically just comes out eating right no party game they're still going out to the bar like it's your outlook your normal rock band or anything like that you know a year he's got a really really focused to get through it he's all the energy you have to put on the that the best show you you can't the entire tour. No matter who I chat whether whether whether it's fuel or we've chatted with Chris Crabtree over the years or. It's that you guys all have Iraq general background. It is like this is the right transition for you I mean I'm looking year resonate. And it would take me the next hour to read white snake foreigner Alan Parsons wife clapped kip Winger. Ray Parker junior Debbie Gibson the people you'll played with. It's like I don't know that the eighties and nineties were great but this is for me right now this is perfect for me. Oh absolutely I mean we'll look you know TS some that I've been brought to be a part of since 2000 tests like he says so right you know if it's it's something that kind of came along unexpectedly forming but when I got the audition and then I kind of realized you know I was raised by classical parents and I have a Broadway background Indian rocket aid is in the show love Janis about Janis Joplin. A couple of get tied together a lot of elements that are unnatural things forming you know that the that the Plame Iraq stuff and all that but have in the Broadway tied him at the classical and yet he has those kind of a hybrid of all of that stuff. With Joseph hoax struck on star what do 2.5 trans Siberian orchestra to shows December 16 at keybank senator. The he talked about how and those who spend a TSO kind of know that there's the first after this second half of the show were you guys really letter all hang out. And I think that's where a lot of people who. Discover you may be at the show for the very first time. That's where they realize man you guys are incredible musicians you can play noxious Christmas music but. As you said you've got to have a well schooled background in just about everything I can't imagine what your. Audition was like to make it into the man how many guitars throw up against you. I have no idea I don't even know that to this day I mean I had a couple friends within the damn recommend me and I think that that word Amal thing. From within the band goes along way and then you know I had to actual physical auditions for you if you go in and play the material one for arbitrarily and once for Paul O'Neill and you know I actually made it. L patrol these great we've interviewed him so many times he's always great to talk to great stories and I know but think those not would you guys anymore but he's from buffalo here Williams bill. Standstill you can hear this keyboards all still all over they they linger on NTS so music. Absolutely well yep Bob's arrangements are stellar mass so we're still performing meadows and you know he's very much of a friend of everybody in advance so wonderful guys. Well let's finish where we started we started by talking about how you can't discuss TS so without two of the passing of Paul O'Neill. Will there be a separate section a says separate separate kind of tribute to Paul within the show. Or will will just be his spirit throughout the entire show this year. I actually don't know the answer to that because I don't know the show yet we're hampered and we are. Going got to sit here we usually have little over two weeks in rehearsal for for us I I don't know the answer today just yet but I do know that Paul. Actually dead you know what he wanted to show to be this year and and you know so essentially. In terms of what you're getting here at C is it's it is going to be one big tribute camps now whether or not the special section I don't know the answer to that but you know certainly will be an -- man in our thoughts all you're doing is. You know he is just a wonderful guy he believed that all of us you know more that we believed in ourselves. I was just thinking about it you do the song so often you might do you know as we said ten shows over six days later on the road for. All almost two months straits does it just become muscle memory or a giving example Keith Richards says he's done you know brown sugar so many times. Every once in awhile but to turn a Ronnie wood and go what Cortes a start on. Is Ari could start there it is and muscle memory like that for you are you like OK which one are we doing here yet to turn to Chris or something like that you guys help each other out. Well it's funny thing we're music that way for a memory an area in the simplest stuff can occasionally feel difficult to musicians as that. I I'd like to tell people the notes don't play themselves you know I think it's you you are actually having to concentrated. And make it through even if it's simple material. You know it's in my mind set is always in in terms of playing the best I can at all times that's always well my my mind is and that doesn't always mean the most difficult so lines you know that's always pimples on student and playing every note the best it can be played. That that's sort of master for cure in the mid DSL and that's hard because you're onstage for. You know two shows today in the value of the typical scheduled HBO's that we can write eight case goes in five days. I find are a hundred amazing how when were down in the bottom of the arena and were with Chris in May be years there are times in doing the check presentation to the charity. It it's like you can tell you guys just got off stage from the show before you're tired out. You drove in from Cleveland the night before and a snowstorm but just when the lights it and it's time to go on. You guys never ever disappoint it and that that's a tribute to you and what you guys do for their two months. Thanks I'm actually kind of addicted to read it very simply pick at you get into the heavy workload when they you know I think there's two or number eight forming or something like that so. You know you that you get you get addicted to the way it's fields and and are also spending your holidays that way too. These are very dear friends and then you get close you know I think he spent two months a year on a bus at these guys than and you know obviously were were great friends so we love to. Final question for TSO guitarist Jill hoax through before eleven go. Who's got the prettier here pair you work Chris Caffrey. Now c'mon now yeah who's good out I'll leave that up to the seats are ideal programs in that onstage and figure out. You're really additional hole going on your station did outsiders who got lots go light Ellen find out your balls. I no no. I'm not place. But you know what Woolsey the the people vote. Hey thanks for doing what you do and yes safe travels we know how hard you guys work and we'll see December 16 for two shows here at keybank senator. Joseph hoax drug trans Siberian orchestra OnStar order 2.5 thank you so much awesome meant.