Theresa Caputo Talks Snow and Shea's With Rob Lucas!

Thursday, February 16th

Theresa Caputo sounded like everything you see on TV and more, as she joined Rob Lucas on a day when it was snowing like CRAZY on Long Island!

Funny stuff as you hear Larry snowblowing and changing cars like we do on a regular basis during Winter!

Listen as Theresa gives you a preview of her March 22nd show at Shea’s.  


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Came rather look at that buffalo. That's not why do. We have like nothing today I know you guys are having a snowstorm will send some snow shovels and trucks down eight. Sell out Long Island how do you do with the snow on Long Island es and your husband Larry up to shovel a lot. It will in my daughter are. My wife loves her husband and wants to know if he's gonna be a cheese would you on March 22. I don't I don't. With Dutch race a group could all an unseasonable Long Island median starts on TLC on February 19 and as they just said UB it's shades march 22. George Shays and in buffalo last year did you have a good time that's a beautiful the uterus and it. All my god it is absolutely breathtaking. You know not to be able to travel. It hurt but obviously get their act a little changed abruptly. When you walk out on stage. Do you are because we haven't seen you on TV for a while T have different hair fingernails changed deal look the same. Tucked up. So don't talk let's talk about the experience of what happens alive it's Shays when you come out to like a thousand or 500 people. You have instantly 400 voices going through your head how does it work. Actually the process and I I don't we tell people they think it. Brittany or whether I'm reading one person or on getting ready 5000. I prepared me. I do what medication the cycle out onstage I give a speech and I give my speech that it might find despair that I am ready channeling it into a bad. And and I share a couple of example about how they're communicate that a large back like that and it spirit ready they will be I am not on at each night. That he be thinking about the experience. We have cat. That I and IE I want that they might actually out what are you agree your messages are you look right. That that's what I was going to ask because just knowing you from the show there's no way you can't physically reach out and touch someone you've got to be is close to them as possible. Well it's a I want people off patent you know is buried in a moment. Under an adult life on the an apartment in that. And I regret that could be read I want them heal and see if I. Or if I was that there I'll be economic of people depend upon how I want the ill bet. You know what about people I want that he spoke at C and focus on very. That's the other thing people say it all the time that like I did not know what to expect walking it back theater night. I personally it can't read but what I witnessed the absolutely I change that with Barry about. Is it the type of thing where you could literally if you had the energy in the time stay out there for four hours in just keep going to you have to you have to force yourself to shut down after ninety minutes or whatever. I do I do I I I am happy for her for two hours. They're really commission operate on it but that matchup but at least they get about one. On out there two hours well on 8888 it's our it's our shot out at op. Because I know that I could channel I am a rapper proof you know. As if you can't tell by the boys were with Teresa to Prudhoe Long Island medium she'll be it shades march 22. A let's talk about the new show the new season on TLC. What are you gonna put your family through this year. Not fair. But it'd be eyewitness a lot of celebrity re. I I read out. Rosie O'Donnell. Cart and craft lady. A lot of great celebrities are quite like client you know that I'm waiting list. I I and what he had a health care. Element back. What happened TT tell us several really where would you rather say about that we'll ever see on the show. If that app I thought it would happen OK I I had on our C it what I love about what I'm. You know I had uncertainty. Matt grant and I am my breath eat and nothing came up but they found a sonogram. That had to be immediately ask an outlook that so we had covered you know covered at. And it just you know regular green because you don't ask for a while. Every night he's become back. A I gotta say also you've got the new book out good grief and I know that if people purchased the VIP package which it they can read about on your website Richie dot org. Four when Europe Shays march 22 they get a copy of that book is this city a a lot of life affirming lessons in this book. What this is ugly green is exactly it it's about learning how to read in a good. But I arms from my client went from spirit is quite is reaching out to be so. That and could hear a week coming up you know on I want to embrace life and you know like playing that great but now. That this book kinda given that the school encouragement and yet of being able to get out and get equal to. You'd think in every app I looked like it great life and who know they're with us. And the honor that they breath those very very excited about the book if he journal about it you know their activities that these trapped there. On what that they go out and keep the memory of it luck or just write a journal. While be able to release somebody started and guilt or what ever of course Michael could change if it quite well we. And I wanna I only valuable lessons. Spirit but that honestly is one of the more valuable ever have the right to grieve in their own way. And I just thought I mean and that's what good greens opens up. That is a great message for us to in this interview with the and we can't wait to see you. March 22 a little over a month away at Shea he's performing arts center. Hopefully the snow will be gone by then for you on Long Island and we'll send a snowblower down to Larry help on shovel out today. He don't carry it in bad yeah I wouldn't laugh out what it's all well like I got up and thought I don't hurry it up to evaluate it from getting. Rates are you guys can love it because it only happens for you guys once in awhile we call it February. I'd. That and let me. Up I love you and it you'd be up you experience. Absolutely Teresa thank you for the time so much this morning and safe travels between now and march. Thank you don't have a happy that.