Sue Talks To Star Of Broadway's Aladdin

Thursday, August 2nd

Sue talks to Clinton, who stars as Aladdin on Broadway. 

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Hello hi Clinton and RA it's starlet and a 2.5. I'm still O'Neill and it's nice to reach you at the idea and today I'm not I'm not is awesome resume because you are a landed in the upcoming show which is I probably had so Disney's Aladdin coming to Shays August 8 through the nineteen you couldn't Greenspan are playing Aladdin how did you keep pat. I'd just work I actually am I started off playing. Are in their ensemble track are also understanding Aladdin ami started toward back into. 2017. And that look over me about a few months ago and Denver so it's it's still pretty stressed but it's this it's it's it's it's been pod and a lot of hard work in that area have. So obviously other people have played Aladdin and you've seen them play Aladdin. How are you making a lead in yours. Well I mean it's I I honestly don't really know exactly except for an artist I ideally I talked to not while their way to the relationship I have with my mother Erica I don't know if you know the show apart your boy it's the area famous piece from and that. From Aladdin. Eyes when he makes that realization that what he can do more and he wants it changes everything in it that I really love to relate that. Part of the story human actual relationship what my mother. And so I I know that's something that we've huge part in my performances each day and the an outsider but there's goof ball excitement that I had I give the role. That answer either have a as well and he dug her own little version of the. Ball so it sounds like your personality is coming out on stage yeah yeah. So this isn't a stretch for use so how is this change your data daylight. Are well you know waters Mike has become a best friends. I can only be Donald on Sunday. You know to I think your your body if you're not hearing has been you need to make sure that you're getting a much rep. Possible IA of course you know wearing a small bat in hand though certain date. Should make sure that I take their MacBook in the Dejan men. Treatment of electoral heights than all the on that he now by it not a day is boring art and it is like torture it truly is it that upon my style and that it did it helps if you look at Q I'll do audio go to if there. So you'll be coming to buffalo have you been the buffalo before I have never been to buffalo B a RR a K you know we have something here called wings right. I I'm looking forward here what do you recommend. What kind of player will first so although com chicken wings are buffalo wings here we just come joining us. Today wearing okay. And then it will be how'd you like your wings steel like a mild medium or hot. Need I need are okay when you order media mediums are usually hot when you're hot you might just get smoked. Talking to Clinton Greenspan. Of Aladdin and who is coming to Shays. Think you so much we want commute to Buffalo, New York they're so much avenue. And.