Starry Night In The Garden 2017 Raises $12,500 For The Buffalo And Erie County Botanical Gardens

Thursday, August 31st

Thanks to LeAnn Rimes, Johnnyswim, JamesTW and YOU for making Starry Night In The Garden 2017 INCREDIBLE!  Rob Lucas In The Morning is proud to present the big check to David Swartz, President & CEO, and Erin Grajek, Associate VP of Marketing & Visitor Experience of the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens.

Click, listen & learn about cool things coming up at the Gardens this Fall and Winter! 


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Labor Day weekend the unofficial end of summer we thought we would finish it where we started it would starry night in the garden for the seventeen think back to June 21. The incredible night with Leann Rimes teams CW Johnny swim. Thanks to all the sponsors. All the volunteers who made it just is incredibly successful once again starry night in the garden for the seventeen. Here to celebrate what is David Schwartz here in great check of the botanical gardens did you notice you know the sort of wearing today. If not then I keep seeing the hit this agency through the night. You seem outfit I had on its starry night so I put it through Washington he would just a couple of times suggested. David pull that microphone up a little bit closer to you there and hit it in David. OK let's start talking liking now that's F I night let's go knock wipers we gotta give you guys have big check. Let's go back to his starry night and to whether this summer while it hasn't been the best pool whether I'm imagining because of the rain and everything and it was kind of temperate was it a great year for the plants and flowers it's the botanical garden. And Spitzer was if you have been over to the garden lately you can tell by is just. Bursting with pinks and purples this is gorgeous. I I've seen so many pictures this year on pins to Graham on FaceBook and on Twitter of people who. There there were saying this is the first time they've been there and I picked a really great time ago is gonna give you guys that good feeling when you see you all live on social media as well because. That's the most that's incredible reaction to what you guys do. That's really when people come to gardens and take pictures imposed since I guess it's awesome because it really shows how much the botanical gardens means a western new York and events like Iranian Kuerten brings people out triggered ends and then they come back clearly say that it's eagle once you're gonna come back. No David I know Aaron has the story of James TW using her offices are dressing room do you have any of those snow stories from story a story I tell you the the young couple that played all yet Johnny swift I -- incredible incredible and you know and I I've watched them singing to one another in this great. It's just a wonderful experience for all seductive for working so. Erin what's your genes TW in your office he used it as a dressing room story. He didn't use my office is addressing story. Herb dressing room and he has seen a lot Alex he journey pictures and left him on my test is adorable and you thought I was fawning over you this. Half I think except and it is far does that change is only like what was he not TI RAI. Did. So but that's a feather in your cap right exact dad know how. There you go. -- would before would you be the big check let's talk about it's been a great summer and I know do you have the socket wins in the falls it's still I'm with the program here now I think talk get the ball literally it is like feeling exhibit starts Saturday and they've been working and it this week and it's just really amazing secular accurately cool they're really popular. Hyper too Fuzzy meet our work OK let's stop now. Suck it went in hyper to put some of our bodies are saying. We just don't know what are these guys are honored to announce Cat Power hey tell you layman's terms. And camp instead. Time they're not as prickly cactus and it kind of look like to see exactly. Well said. They are really cool and our exhibit is really shaping up they've created or work that is any I'll bring tax collection items opulence and they're really amazing. And David in your role what kind of things are you guys working on 04. The botanical gardens for me even next year now because you chose a president you're looking years ahead while I met with the horticulture staff yesterday in the beginning to plan not only for next year but for 2019. We need to be way ahead of the game because we want to make sure that the design and C exit its. Our route continue to be beautiful and draw people and so and of course we have the gala at the gardens that coming up on September 22 and then following the secular and set exhibit will have the mum exhibit and then. The one most wonderful ball I think even though Aaron would probably disagree with me I love the points idea exhibit to all yeah it's it's actually beautiful spring shows great two with rifle butts the exhibit in the throughout the fall is great and what these people. When you do see special events indoors at the botanical gardens the biggest thing you need to know is a it's it's classy it's gorgeous as starry night. Indeed they have heat and still hollow I wouldn't be what it's. I always say when it's January February and you'll you'll wanna go someplace and feel like it tropical. Are you guys do such a great job of getting us through the winter there the imagination in February it's like being in Florida with a little Disney they're airplane ticket absolutely. But you want your check. Well Alito. Well it come out she's listening. Grab the check over we're excited and on behalf of all the artists all the sponsors all the vendors and star what are 2.5 we are so proud to present. This check bring it over to import. 500. Dollars it. People of buffalo the 3000 plus who were there. That that that's what a portion of your ticket proceeds go to we know you're going to see Leann Rimes and all the artists and all the flowers but. The botanical gardens this will pay as they say it every year this'll keep viewing pansies and fertilizer and hopefully for a little bit. Anything else we need to know about the upcoming year I think we hitter all the website is buffalo gardens dot com yes OK David winner. I know David and I I think this is violate David even more now. We both like what biking alone. So here's what we'll do. We'll set up a restaurant to meet at local boy there are several ways talked about the right didn't go back home alone sounds like plan isn't it really incredibly freeing well here it's just fighting is you just have to be careful of those people on the road so yeah they don't stand the lakers. Have a right you know and that is who walkers and runners and so it is meet meet a much better cautious driver. In at the same time. It's made me kinda hate during the summer nine year old who were on their plate on the flight path BBC a lot of kids texting while biking. I saw that it was amazing to kids now at least looking down he's weaving back and forth he's on the phone I thought this is just incredible. Our I think I don't wanna go on Iran now I'll let you go on the right go ahead well I does that concern for safety yeah people wearing helmets and being very cautious making sure they have lights front and act those are really important things when your honor and rodent if you do them. You're much safer and you'll enjoy the time alone a new segment coming up port 2018 love indeed spiking corner on Starwood to port thought. 121500. Dollars. Got out here intern from kinesis college brought in it better brought her second day second it it's all downhill from there. Guys you don't get a check for twelve dread every day thinking so much thank you western new equity guys wanna see at starry night 2018 any artist names I love when you guys surprise that the mean the friends that I need think yeah and she saw you with us you never know what's gonna happen with neat I will figured out we'll see who's on tour. See you there next year next June 86.