STAR 102.5 Fave Rachel Platten Is Pregnant! And Rob Lucas Has Some Thoughts On The Perks Of Having Kids… Like Getting Up-Front Parking!

Thursday, July 26th

Pink Party alum Rachel Platten just announced she and her husband Kevin are expecting!  We send our congrats, and Rob Lucas offers up some "pregnancy perks." 

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Wounding grads think Harding 2015 artist Rachel Latin and her career is just taken off its lights on. And she's doing what State Farm Insurance commercials and how pregnant with a first child. Which means she can part of Prague and all the supermarkets. For the next 99 months and actually. The little advice stern and anybody who's having your baby you could kind partly this. In two upfront parking for the next five to six years honestly because we had not only parking for pregnant women but for families who have. Small children. So we go from being pregnant and having the baby in their babies a small child for the next. A year or so after that he took part in the families with small children area. And then if you go to have another head. Then you can move back to the pregnant area in the he's got two kids. And you can move back to the with small children area for like another year to an annual to have it there which a lot of families do it pretty soon. Yes you've elected president area than the small child area and until the youngest is like. Six years old you confront you can get seven years maybe. Good parking out of 740 so I missed an opportunity would that 7:46. Good morning Allan Harris reunion partner when you're pregnant though I didn't own it they didn't have it was the world you know in the eighties when I was pregnant the world was not as considerate. Of but we were were much more considerate place now. Back in the seventies and eighties there were those seatbelts and it was like you have a kid you walked as far as everybody tells us that the now we have bottled water we didn't have that stuff and that's right you know my goodness.