Special SPCA Houston Flooding Segment: Buffalonians Have A Role In The Rescue! The SPCA's Gina Browning Joins Rob Lucas To Explain!

Wednesday, August 30th

When animals are in peril, the SPCA's of our nation are always there to care, especially the SPCA of Erie County.  

Click-n-listen to this special segment with SPCA Public Relations Director Gina Browning letting us know how Buffalonians may have the chance to adopt survivors of the Houston flooding, or animals that were displaced from the San Antonio shelters because of an overload from flooded Houston shelters.


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Every Wednesday Gina Browning broad joins us from the SP CA we did normal Cigna today we're talking about cotton crucial fourth option you can see it my star what did you buy dot com but I wanted to take a second segments. To talk about the animals. Of the hurricane in Houston and Harvey. And avoid the SP who do we do a thing blue angels for the animals we always say around Christmas time when we do the radio on preview. And you guys in buffalo Leon's have a chance to the angels for the animals. A Houston we've seen so much that I can watch the coverage to a rousing and I just re tweet in another video this morning of an animal that was rescued. The dog was standing on top of the car partially. On the hood out of that how that it was just incredible is the water for coming up and got rescued. And you guys are helping rescue some animals what's the story in this is literally this is developing as we speak. Right where we're just in the beginning phases of this and I do kind of preface this by saying of course we would never say animals like some more important than people's eyes right court. We Aaron animal organizations have an exact Mitch and on offense. We had animals coming and possibly as early as two marrow from Houston that you won't know that you wanted to be animals coming in tomorrow. Are coming from San Antonio they need to make some room and their shelters to make room for the huge and now I guess ideally they wanna keep those animals as close to home as possible however. That's not realistic for a long period of times a week or any mostly San Antonio animals tomorrow. Then they'll be housing some of the Houston animals and only sport for so long. It's possible that two of the jobs were getting tomorrow our Texas down actually and Doug's. So again and again it's on the beginning phases. Will we be sending staff. We are ready to do that when they are ready for a stay usually is a couple weeks and once they have. These conventions banners filled with animals now they need help caring for thousands of dogs and can't right every day. I saw on no those are ABC news last night no NBC at the end of Lester holt in just the last three minutes was all about the animals and. It's incredible assaults our Ivy League society in the US the ASPCA. American humane. These aren't shout to us already asking us to housing animals were ready to gulf. His thing we still hand Perry county and strive for. So now we're talking about the act up in surgery now attachments they note that we had surgery schedules they're still only 24 hours. So we're going to be reaching out possibly different veterinarians to hell with them. We let utilizing what's the clinic which has an opening to the public it's a whole network neuter are already out there are their regulations behavior valuations now more than triple thinner all starts would would sue when you see something happening close to you on the East Coast or maybe even the West Coast. You something like that you know that at some point buffalo will be depended on it is all cities are. Four for the overflow and this will go on as you say for a couple of months and it will be expensive and we yes we will be asking for donations to help in this effort because this is why ourself as one of the greatest in the country and my girl calling us for help. Because we have one of the best communities and some Sola darn thing up right now I am I don't know I don't see it is viewed tearing up I think it does your video oil well let's say enough. Talked about it now now in Houston and yes. So I mean there was a dog that was in decree because it was only create they had the decree was half the size should have been for the star. Yeah it was just so it's devastate you see gut which is coming in from Texas tomorrow for zirconium and and thank you Gina from making your body and things and a months. I'll miss it just such as sharp as the buffalo always there always there whether it's at Houston dogs and Antonio dogs is it's just. Your part of their human animal loving leak it is and it Cheney 822 years your link in the chain.