So What Exactly Is Figgy Pudding? Star Fan Betsy Explains Her Recipe And Figgy Family Tradition!

Monday, December 18th

After hearing Bing Crosby sing "Bring us some Figgy Pudding" for the past  6 weeks, we were wondering if anyone really does have Figgy Pudding for the Holidays!  Star fan Betsy hit us up on the Star Lines with her family tradition built around Figgy Pudding...and it sounds like fun!   


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Buffalo's Christmas stationed starlet a two point filed we were just talking about they keep putting can be played the pretty putting song from Bing Crosby. And I was say you know polish doughnuts actually looks a lot better than that we keep putting him seeing on the web here and it is it a fig Newton was like a molten lava cake. Betsy is with us on the star lines right now good morning Betsey aren't you guys your three G putting expert your family this is when you're traditions. Yet every year. My family makes it's that you planning and he. Stand around it and saying we wish to make Christmas. So that's almost like god degrades well who'd. Boot the boot to with a around the tree. You are like that and so tell us how your family makes to keep putting. Because somebody right now is probably saying I wanna try that it is in grandmother's recipe what's the story. Yeah its my grandfather's red T he's from England at an English tradition. You I've never made it I am I know my aunt has a special bowl. That she'd make it and she seems that I don't. Yeah that's I'm reading your look it says is he baked steamed in the oven boiled or fried. He had she seen that she makes that like a week in advance because he. Hours and then. Aren't content deed she can't keep that up. I think enough then and then we may ask fox called the grinds like an almond cream. I went wait a minute that the grunt or the Graf. Yet they called the Bryant ad runs technical. I don't know if that's the official term for Tibet but we always called a cigarette because. When you who tasted it tastes so good they gum I guess. You run. You grant a man who before we put the bat on it you see. He got them brandy and laid it on fire and pour it over or just to keep putting low state we wish you could. See I like that we can picture that that's a great idea. It's almost like a Christmas club bay. I'd cut pretty much yeah it and it came kind of let got big Newton just think of a war or eat cake version with any common stock. Cedar great interview because that's what I was going to ask next what is it what does it taste like chocolate your I was I was imagine it like a molten lava cake fig Newton. Ia who who's in the car with the. My three year old body that's it Bobby. Bobby. Bowden or. Hi Bobby do you like. They keep putting. Yeah out our are you gonna are you gonna stand around the piggy putting a hold hands and in seeing this Christmas. Yeah like I didn't hear that but the boy I kick you noted three year old playing with matches. Out. Insurer. Will you guys have a great Christmas. Bobbie I hope Santa Claus is good to you. Would you line. Okay whatever you said well I'll tell sandy he should get it Korea. OK Betsy to pressure's on now I'm sorry you. Aren't.