Sabres #1 Choice Rasmus Dahlin Visits RLITM!

Monday, June 25th

We learned so much about the Sabres #1 draft choice during his in-studio visit! 

Click and listen to hear how he speaks English so well (yet Rob still tripped him up with the word whirlwind), how he has missed his prom and most normal school events to concentrate on his hockey career, and how Roger Christian helped give him a Buffalo welcome in Rasmus' native Swedish!

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McLemore Cassius star what are 2.5 732 we welcome into the studio number one draft choice of the sabres rest miss Darlene how you do good man good morning. Thank you am hum very good how is good. I just are an excellent because you're here and I didn't even intend to Starwood this but we were talking about music. In everything you hear a lot of songs. Like that last song by Maclin more in cash shot. Not pretty you know you're in Sweden all the time or whatever but do you get songs over there with that song beyond Swedish radio with Swedish lyrics. Yeah or non. It saying this their X it would be English yeah. Language from another country. Reached taught English earlier on in your Life Institute mandatory you have to learn in school how does that work in Sweden. Yeah actually we knew we were current. A feud dates a week in sweet ending school so. Yeah you. You learn it's. Due primarily speak Swedish and English have you picked up other languages as you've been playing internationally along the way. Malo and learn and Deutsche too so German lebed this Germany's Julia project onto which is Dutch. Broad doesn't two weeks into H I was in China squeezes. From Deutsche seen on any city's chairman cog Garcia well we would say welcome to buffalo but it's actually welcome back to buffalo because you were here obviously for the world juniors. It's a little bit warmer and Alberto does that let's that are you actually were rant column mine so it's very hot young. In the defensive invective it was freezing cold when you were back here for the world juniors. Tell us about I was looking up what's the name of your hometown parties who lead chipping okay now where is that Abu I've got a map of Sweden in from enemy. And I know that you said that it buffalo remind you a lot of what's your hometown and stuff. Tell us about that you Wear and Sweden to point is that his arm on the map now is in northern Sweden Norway on its cells we actually but he down near the water. Yeah it's one not far from customers. Or now are gonna look at Gothenburg homestead where is there and released released all icy Gothenburg. Which looks like tote board two us right. Maria. America. So are you near Stockholm which is on the East Coast. No I don't think so. Now widest buffalo in the Syria remind you your hometown a little bit this is suited to smaller towns. In this. It's. The guru loves sports their hands so it's. And it's kind of similar so. It's low it's. We're with Christmas Darlene sabres number one draft choice on star one or 2.5. So some your family at the draft on Friday. And how it was apparent that this whirlwind of the past. What it was just the week and it and then you gotta be in the ice in two days is that how it works a lot. You. Yes. So it's been a busy time exciting it is time so. Mean look at mayors forward to it to dinner knives did the word whirlwind through you'll little bit is that an American were you don't know. I don't know the word OK so that's I noticed is they said. And that's fine because you're too believe me you're doing much better than I what what's the story now for you in buffalo jeered vision mom come with you and you've got sisters or Brothers and tells about the sale which is the whole family started to pick up from Sweden and live here with the UR they are how's that going to work. No other they're not but on his gun death. And common man do I get comfortable actually is so. Slow Lucio long. She says and your other teammates have reached out she eject cycle I know it was texting you who else. Is there anybody you'll be playing with a that you know of already are and the sabres have some Swedes on the roster so tell us about her. Yeah visuals often lose him last year. Slow. This already has two is so. That's going to be senate. As you've traveled around the world. Do you have well first of all let me ask you this. We're used to it here in the United States and Canada. Players who wanna make it to the NHL and are talented stop living at home at the ages of 1213 fourteen and can go out and play all over. Once the last time you've truly lived at home is a barrel Weiler. These. Four years ago moved to death immersed in three years ago so there. Yeah it's probably is. Three and a half years ago so he can you've been schools in other places along the way you have tutors and the various teams you've played with and everything or. As far as your education and all that how does it work and school. We yeah you move you move to lose yeah I moved to mug customers to play for from and then. It's like to thank you come to college just to work and screw on the same tiger so. It's been. Amazing time there. And a lot of teenage women in buffalo want to know did you go to your prom if you missed your prom for the NHL draft after. Didn't have any of that stuff. Did you know ice a missed my prom. Saw. Yeah. Trust is little more better than into the from. We are I I would say gee keeping our you kind of liked it not to speak highly of yours are are you tortured hero to the kids your rage or you just another dire today. What did you a lot of text from your high school friends and stuff when they saw you get drafted on Friday yeah accidents. Some months from Austin masters so on those a lot of fun with Rasmus Dolly sabres number one draft choice on star of one or 2.5. We're gonna make this a little bit easier for you as far as the interview. Because that this guy over here in my left he's gonna coming to you and and get next you over the Roger Christian. He. He speaks a little Swedish a little minority. He's been over there in Norway a Coleman I was just so so low just will try and norsk. You Shaq to me. Yeah talk about it he distance. But I am gonna see something we all can agree on. The house today her that's we love you. Pet detective that was what do you think you did he do well yes awesome okay Roy Lewis. Roger go back over the Mike now here's what I wanna do because our mile off a lot of questions. Rest as I want you to say anything you you want in your native language and in Swedish and see if Roger configured out RT just start a conversation go. You mordant. Talk to. What's talk talk mean. I thank you but I would did you ask him how Horry. All well we'll get votes it's in Norwegian does translate into Swedish yeah that looked like OK okay and now we have to tell Roger the radio guy kick the microphone we need to hear that. Rogers wearing a Ferrari because during Europe sports cars do you like car what do you like besides hockey best cars what kind of things turn you on. I don't know and I. Cars but I'm not that much like to play golf. Bringing out the trends and present for parents and we don't like Germany today. Because of the World Cup final no different. Tax so all right play your cards right do well on the ice you should be able to afford a Ferrari anytime you want four or no from Sweeney. And it. Always really savers drive they are vol -- today gotta support. You know most people see you help us win the Stanley Cup but that's now were begins to begins with help soy just wanna say. Good health to great on the ice in everything also called a place they just awards thank you for being good friend of Starwood a 2.5 and welcome back to buffalo rest and style leading.