Robby Takac Talks Music Is Art w RLITM

Thursday, September 6th

Music is Art is this Saturday! Robby Takac joined Rob Lucas to talk about the 16th annual MIA festival. Click and listen!

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Throughout the morning we've written talking about everybody's back to school today city of buffalo doesn't matter where the district is doesn't matter if you're a rock star your daughter's going to school today. American morning Robbie take Jack how is it taking your daughter to school. Good date to first grade and let it doesn't get better match. While. Did you have a tip did you have a chance taker overseas with a unique is do you spend this is a first time in awhile you haven't spent the summer touring the US you were. All over the place in Europe this summer. The Al over here yet they actually Cuba to visit in London spent three days London and Bristol Manchester and 10-Q mountain. Yeah how both sites. Start big then you know that kind of stuff and lead to a couple Russia and its. You know at the trip to have your little kids standing there in the side of the stage in their sit there and you know huge yellow and it just you don't. It it's funny how 25 years ago it was a truck trip for you to be on the stage in London and how it's my daughter's here with me that's even better. Yeah have that yet you know it is you know alleged. Let. And reading your. It was Robbie with Robby take check out star what do 2.5 are like when we love following you on Twitter brought all your travels I love the post jeetz weeded. I'm seeing this August 9 from Sweden. Where you're holding Swedish fish in you said I'm pretty short here in Sweden they're just called fish. The act. Very cool threatening dressing in Italy. But that's the eyes and friends and I think that's what type of us are you that joke in every country didn't play. Gotta have a look you're on the road man you gotta have it. Serial let's let's talk music is art and you know we talked about big that your back from tour now normally for music is art your like back in town known. Relate 36 hours and jetting off to Houston or New Mexico or somewhere to perform do you have a have you had like ten based arrests up rest up for this for the first time in awhile. Not really we've actually been playing and did pretty much straight through. I must in this new digs in your website that Bill Clinton and it was played in Virginia act. We got a couple gates actually a couple of days coming up so yeah we never really stops like. You know it is into the game here or there constantly show yet so I mean I've been in and out but it's been nice had been able and a you know schedule this week here so I can kind of come and then. Hello Leah. Daughtry and misfits specifically. Festival. Together every year together get a on the same agent you know China ever some cohesion. It would. Music is art is on a Saturday add to aria yeah river works that's okay it would holiday were all day off with a sure and you've been on the road so much. It seems like written works is the perfect match I mean you guys were so great when you were in Delaware park and Pope but ripper works for the clack tick. Amount of acts you have it did different types of fax me a river works is the perfect venue for it also because it's indoors and because you did that it didn't rain last year. Yeah yeah yeah well hopefully that are. Read actually this year is that animal and and yet and here were actually on both sides of the buffalo river. This year we're at river worked and were at riverfront park which. Shuttles going back and forth from a Riverside park to her works and there's forty stages over on the other side a lot of new artists and and it probably relational area I would never had before. Which is pretty exciting and of course another beer garden tons of food trucks. And that that is so good you've got people going back and forth because. Again and of three years ago. People didn't even know may be it would river works is this legitimate and now we're going across the river that's just another another feather in south Buffalo's cap there. Yeah yeah absolutely dead area is really build an up and mortar. We're super jazzed to be part of the Renaissance style nurture share. So what sticks out to US pars this year is music is art you've been doing it for sixteen years now the biggest us I always go back to my nephew. Who was like sixteen when I took him for the first time. He just said it's never boring if you don't like what you're seeing it in one place walk five feet you'll love the next what what sticks out and about this year is music is art. Then there's so much great stuff happened and what you know we bring a few bands in March around 98% and this is all grown man. You know that's. You know that's a heartbeat in this earnings per share. But we have what were we we ever had a few things in mind how we're bringing in this. Amazing band called beach flying from Philadelphia. So be kind and 9 o'clock I'm not an indoor main stage. I'll bet popular and easy from Japan. There think the Ramones meet them like more in Power Rangers. That's there. You go only Japan air and they are coming into playing and are trying to cherry on who's. How do you gain from Hokkaido Japan and she'd come and play of them police will be back again this year. We have the area are so. Three. Are realists we have. The 716 sideshow act this year complete with from what I understand any. She wouldn't lie to people should yeah. You always have something where you have to have a special writer. Like like yeah somebody sets themselves on fire or one year the guy who was like I don't know leaves electric shock there's something you always have a special act like crap. Yeah you know you got to the envelope a little bit you know I mean I went out indicate that it act others stir occasionally I wouldn't go around the kids. You know I I have blink. Seated recollections of go on and Allentown are trapped coal. And you know in my first hippie you know and and BM Mike. What I was like a whole world out there you know that day like you know I'm not exposed to you know I was six you know and it and armed. That spirit of. That what I felt that day like like let my world opened up at. You know I I can pretty much put my finger on it I could probably tell the year I put my finger on it. That's kind of the idea of this whole thing like. I want the goal is clear. It's up to you to leave and take yourself well. I've never seen that particular thing before it we can do that wants. 4 AM and we won you know mountain yet there yet there's a lot of great step dances and the age. Poetry we have. And meeting collaboration between now. Some local politics is local former terrorists and do you alerts as well and they can walk through our French from the infringement. Acceptable or do enough. Huge. Collection of artists in the. Grain elevators area so doing a walk across the bridge. From river fest park to river work Swiss bunkers and and musicians performing in. So much in February 6 I shall be back again this year course huge huge area. To rank social activities for kids. And what you talked about it in the way he described Allentown with Robby take Erica on starlet 2.5 or talking about music is art which is Saturday at river works. The way you mention Allentown in the way you met remembered as a kid is you can still touch it feel it smell it when you were there. And that you're giving so many people. That this for many this will be their first chance to be on the stage anywhere and and still remembered that for the rest of their life as well. Yes you know political figure that some of the parks come out and saying you know mom. Of the 160 ban is an airplane and I would say probably 130 of them play you know just. Fairly modest but growing crowd succeed because you know and you know we put all this together and. I am you know just August. You know the combination of most creative people in the same room. And and it really becomes sort of a much more powerful thing you know on the summit departure. Marks a larger than the. And each individual piece and I think the other that he is a lesson to be learned from that interest in general he. For a bit in because ED clock ticked nature of it adds to its a family event is well you never feel like you're in danger your kids will do one thing. Parents will do another. And all the information the schedule. Even if you wanna be a festival volunteer because there's a lot of manpower that goes into this is it music is art dot org music is art dot org. With Robby take care currents are what terrifies so all right we're gonna see there on Saturday then you guys are back on the road and then. You're back home for the dizzy up the girl twentieth anniversary tour a couple of shows in October. Our I'm sure I went back and I looked up and on Wikipedia here for your album and the track list is there any song on there at that you've never done alive. Or they Iran really got to try again to you haven't uttered in eighteen years or so. Yet it is about horrible mom there actually that that just sort of never really made it into the rotation so it's going to be. It's a market they were two Americans are written. You go you know we know we played our. Could you played slide Broadway back black balloon but we don't January friend we know you've done that and quite a bit. Yes he had yeah yeah I that the tunes on that extra they'll get it done much. What else am I go on. You play that one so we'll see how that goes. Yeah and a lot of others you know that we basically twice you know I'm young enough. And they just sort of let it that made into a meeting where the rotation back. I think that is again going to be pretty pretty exciting trip and you know it doll places like Shays you know across the actually amount to you know big. Shed turning things held a classic theaters. In you know great rock and roll rooms and stuff like that. This type of brooms and better so majestic you do take a couple of moments I hope during rehearsal and just. Look at you when you're a great with a camera you tickets you rehearsals a lot of times and take photos in this video before anybody's in near the venues so cool looking. Yeah yeah you know and all these places you know that were built as you know movie houses such you know back cannot. You know you know back in the thirties forties and so you know he's just incredibly Jorge. You know important evening when a truck put you out of the theater you know. Well zip there was there were no Google Dell's then. Now now now now now it's let's see John Phillips Sousa they'll protect you political party called acute l.s in the forty Utley. But what that list. Though particularly a joke it's safe if you look back on. A dizzy twenty years later. Was that an easy album to do or was there a lot of infighting was there like. You know what if you wanted to keep Broadway often became a big hit or was it just a smooth process the whole way. Well I mean we were really growing up as a band you know we had just done. You know avoiding direct read impossible any good record really busy we NS. One of the songs on that in name got really big and so you know there were expectations. And we where you know given the resources and and had ideas that we had never had before because he experience so many different things than that so many people. True you know going into experience so and we had they would definitely a pointer remember we're recording Paris you know we get recorded just a bad. Prior to the strings on it or anything yet. And I remember the strings section was set up where Capitol Records and string section was set up that full orchestra were sitting in their words of concern. And American and they're playing it down have a pretty well at like at a garage door shut pretty hard hit it in net. Now let it simply you know really felt like you know that was a seismic shift you know when we did that and now I'm. But once again you know we have learned a lot of to that point you know we've been banned for. Kind of almost fifteen years and who and so you know not. The garage doors shut the continental lounges closing along with it yeah yeah. But apart. Rollout Robby today tech forward Doug good travels for you we'll see you would music is art. This coming Saturday a day after tomorrow all the input music is art that or we didn't get to a bit thanks for all you've done. For music in schools in buffalo and Western New York to donating instruments anything anybody wants do to help you can find all the information right there are. In the info tent at ripper works on Saturday we'll see you back here in October for the year dizzy tour. Absolutely and on the bottom of my heart and thank you so much for help and aside every year at beat oral so. I'll know probably pay because you're so nice we're gonna let you choose do you want us to play I arrests or black balloon next which one do you wanna hear the least it's. I would like your black blues you would like to Europe Latin yeah Barney and I went. And I got on with live on the Internet here. On with the excellent man says this product cedar back connects over Robbie Jake act college star lit a 2.5.