Robby Takac Talks Music Is Art And Houston Benefit Show With RLITM

Friday, September 8th

It’s a big couple of days for the Goo Goo Dolls and Robby Takac.  Last night (Thursday), they turned their show at CWM Pavilion just north of Houston into a fund and foodraiser for the Houston Food Bank, along with free entry for first responders (more here).  Afterward Robby flies home to host Music Is Art at Riverworks on Saturday night.

Robby Takac joined Rob Lucas to talk the first post-Harvey concert in Houston and MIA’s first year at Riverworks.


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It is a big couple days for the 2000 Robbie take act tonight. They've turned their Houston show at CWM pavilion just north of Houston into a fund and food raiser for the Houston food bank. And of course Robbie flies home to whose music is art. At river works on Saturday enjoy this are you outside the venue when your tour bus in Houston this morning you know tell where US Robbie. Now I'm in a hotel actually looking overheated in which looks dry there at least where I am right now. But yet these. They're not. We have to create you've been out for almost almost two months now and then along doorman. And you were in Dallas last night so we appreciate you waking up about eight hours after you've got offstage because it's 730 Houston time. Wolf what I let's talk about the show tonight because. It it came out about it a couple of days ago September 2. That's again the show is gonna go on there was this show in doubt for a while I know that. A means explaining to our listeners how the venue is kind of like to Houston would dairy latest to buffalo but not quite that far away tell us about. What's been happening with if the show is definitely getting on or not. Yeah well originally. Missiles canceled actually and we had quite mean announced it yet you are. Make some arrangements. To do some things with the Dallas show for some first responders and try to make try to raise some money. By sell some tickets and such for. He had Dallas showed but folksy he's an Indian. We got or actually like nation got a call who's that the promoter. Got a cult from the mayor here in Houston and they were super anxious can I get life for all and again here and fastest try to reschedule heroin and so we. Struggled a little Britain and making arrangements was some radio stations and TV station clear he's and then. Put together. Fundraisers and just sort of pressure release. Show and given away about 2000 tickets the first responders tonight and that. Offering. Barges for tickets to the show's true donations to. Hopefully. The people get their minds up with dealing dealing with for a little while putting it back open again and maybe you some money. And I know the UN Johnny you're gonna be standing outside outside the venue between like what 530 and 630 this afternoon are you ready to take 5000 cell piece today with fans who bring canned goods for the Houston food bank. You know it's amazing everyone's got a camera and an army dump the puck past yeah I had click it's clicked. I'm not having no where worshippers they later it was actually volunteered to help Jew and got. So Phillips. Who. Did an awesome guy he is standard. So yeah man there are surely there are certain goal every keep getting here let it sit where I am where I am right now it's beautiful sunny day in. You know you would know anything happened but I hear he could do a little bit it to mask. Good here for Houston and I guarantee you probably no matter where the venue is you're gonna have somebody come up to you before the show neither of bills or sabres Jersey tonight wanted to sell me. Every little bit every English though my friend Greg could put that. That's one of religion via via mass exodus from buffalo twenty years old. And that. Like didn't go and bring a little. Little taste of home back and of these western New Yorkers that are getter on the world premiere. Where the Robby take at this morning talking about the Yugo show what the show in Houston tonight to benefit the food bank of Houston. And of course Robbie UB here you gotta be so excited ripper works a perfect place for music is art on Saturday but. Since you moved it indoors do you realize there's no chance of hurricane this week. Can. I do it IQ and apparently that's what I had to do senator. You know arm Utley what is a lot of really interest evening came down you know you can go look at who. Who haven't. Heard of the regular apple past fifteen years that you trust what we do. We've been doing her look at fifteen years with the Delaware park for the last nine. Huge yeah. Show where he didn't they didn't card expansion this kind of stuff mostly Western New York. Yeah that we we who range in four of the last. Nine years in Delaware park that's like. Call it will be Robbie take act umbrella fast. Yeah. While you're actually a decorated umbrella contest it was pretty what you only can he carry around with. Act at all well yeah you know it was it was. You know it's an amazing place and everybody down that was so cool city was so cool what this but. You know we started to think about it a little bit and there are a lot of things I think you know the whole idea of these are guys is it's just that. Will this huge group creative people together and try to make up and exciting bigger and each of the park you know and we I sort of felt like having Indo apart as many years had. Shorter at. Drew expect sort of what was gonna go on sort of do a little bit including. The speaker knew it was gonna happen yeah and there were partners in the report that it was that kind of imagine what it is. And kind of opened work and two Bryant will be down lower. Months and months and months between last set on this one all the court ordered. Imagine what sort of lose that keep people are going to be. Excited and that pretty surprised blows I. I think river works is a perfect venue because first of all you've got so many indoor stages already set up yet to do have to set up. Secondly some of the venues like that planet of the gates type movie set deal it is absolutely perfect draw be different artists you have coming. Yeah I am and we got infringement festivals folks are working with this again we got about thirty performance artists planes silos. Which is an old. It's a part to people actually don't get into much there but right in the heels agro industrial. Ruins. They're left down her arm yes or they're helping out with performance or as slow as answers that kind of stuff. Matt Kiki. Two. Bunch of crazies are going to be in there they put together a 716. Circuits I choked the Coney Island south. So just just this just the title says at all it's sounds like a soft core American horror story it's great. And also I saw I was looking at the by the way the web site his music is our dot org you've got a great today and reassurance FaceBook agreed map you have on there. Because jury indoors now you have a film room area and film I don't know how much time he dedicated to till before that's a great addition. Yes in the first time we actually have five cinemas doesn't run in zones for twelve hours some fourteen hours that. 48 hour film festival of books and Acker don't let all our programming or what should let outlets Simon. Or possible punk rock movies. And creepy could carry out from a terror technologies you know creepy the zombie. He's got to do to harm marathon men and out local or movie. Aficionado and baker John ran out is that also an almost themselves. Yes man so much so much good stuff when Allegheny didn't really think it's it's just so much it would take me so long but our police you know. Come down it's free free free. Thanks to you know. Us in New York in their counties and end and this and this city of buffalo and army sponsors and all the volunteers you know it doesn't cost to think month I'm looking at two to gradually. Got six point at a food and that is if is if you will lose that. A we're gonna have to to cry and it's like this. In Thailand that day at how to get around the trial took a motorcycle. Or six people do you need to sign a waiver for that. Count on them like that this yeah I. A release. It was Smart to sign a waiver but before you come in general. With Robby ticket are talking music is art I'd start what a 2.5 and the good thing it starts at eleven and you always say goes till two a camera whatever this year a you know it's gonna go till late. Because it's not gonna be rained out endorse a river work so. You guys will be there till the year early morning hours and then you're heading back out right are you guys in Albuquerque on Sunday or Monday or something. Yeah actually the next day in Albuquerque I got to fly out there we got about another HL loosen them and let her get illegal it's scheduled for a few months as we bring you on out here SC I think things about it. Go ahead and get back on my daughter my daughter started kindergarten couple days so Emma and excited to get back on the were you back in town for that did you take it out for the first day of school and now unfortunately I didn't make it and let but you know met yet you know which we have a PS. What Belichick on the Jetsons lifestyle out here. Out of her records speak and we're speaking by air our video calls over here in Skyping how is your first day at school. Actually had a great time there you go get an amazing time yet area and I am I'm not I'm pretty fortunate to be back to buffalo didn't think. Robbie take care think it takes to UN Johnny for a presenting buffalo so well the special concert it's turned into a benefit tonight in Houston for the food bank of Houston I'm sure you'll see some as we said Bob polonium showing up with the canned goods. Thanks for inviting all the first responders who works on Saturday for music is art. Talked to him and I can't wait to see it thank you so much for help and start all these years with that you have been out. I've got great great supporter means is they're really appreciate it. Happy to do it happy to do it Robbie take checked OnStar what do 2.5 up early 730 ish Houston time.