Rob Lucas' Take On The Roseanne Reboot!

Wednesday, March 28th

Did you watch the new Roseanne reboot last night?  Rob did, and his thoughts may get him blocked from Roseanne's twitter account!  And it wasn;t becuase of the political nature of the show.  Click and listen for more! 


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Slow to 2.5. So if you watch the return of Roseanne last night. I tried lasted forty minutes it wasn't because of the politics it was because. Well telly after Ellen Harris starlets who void by Travis. Never watched the first time around someone gonna I was halfway into the first time around in that was naturally curious about how the BM. Let's put it this way Roseanne will be blocking me on Twitter later. Which he wakes up in California two hours from now yeah he's he's done that to other people already died so you're next depth and our athletes. Isn't all this is my grandson mark and he's just start a school gets it and it's very cool because all my other kids who went here and make continued to lead time for our lives. I think you guys are really gonna like mark because he is a lot of fun and he's very fashionable. Sometimes you want to Wear dresses are real fancy top. I think he's gonna grow up and be a fashion designer. I'm counting on you guys to make it and you can't feel welcome. And if you don't. I have ways of finding out about it. Why would it show. Okay it if you didn't laugh at that and you were wondering what the studio audience was laughing yeah yet it here with me on that. Roseanne last night I watch. Both my wife tonight lasted about forty minutes she actually wanted me to turn it off a little bit earlier this. Thought I was gonna talk about a last night but if I know that it's sinking in literally think about the show and it's read this morning so here are my 2 tweets from this morning in the supply you with a thought. Last night's return of Roseanne hash tag Roseanne's. It may have been he worst episode of a high profile TV show that I ever watched horrible writing. We you have to add a laugh track to his studio audience you know it's awful. Yet they see it take before a studio audience which it was but I swear so much of that show had a laugh track added. And then my second sweep the funniest thing about the Twitter reaction to the new Roseanne yeah I woke up on Twitter and checking Twitter the way everybody does and I saw this people don't get it the funniest thing about the Twitter reaction to Roseanne. Is that everyone is centering on the political aspect of the show. Instead of the fact that it's a horribly written poorly acted show with no jokes. I felt like I was watching a Disney Channel laugh track production. Absolutely. It's it's almost like for Roseanne Farouk Roseanne in John Goodman are what were they holding up cue cards. They were so stiff at times it was like Saturday Night Live. Melissa Gilbert I thought brought it last night she was the only one who meter character seemed really natural and not over the top. And I know it's their first episode and it takes awhile to get into your comfort zone woman grace was finally get to. Who will and grace when they wait what political they were totally smarts. Highbrow over the top that you would have thought I would of loved Roseanne last night because it was politically lean toward where I go it's just I don't want politics out of the sitcom. I just like I find if I want that'll turn on CNN fox MSNBC. I thought I was along with and I'm looking at other Roseanne reviews from across the nation. Here's one National Guard guys ABC's revival is a flailing mess. But it's politics aren't the problem. Roseanne Barr and John Goodman returned to the small screen any rocky revival. It's only consistent in its lack of good jokes. I'll save that it was drive our usual Tuesday killed here's another person I'm already looking forward to when they reboot the cancellation of Roseanne's. And I was going through Twitter did it in seeing that. Roseanne herself. It's been blocking tons of people just regular people like you would need between bad things we do bad things about the show they used to hash tag Roseanne. Wit which I did so I'm looking forward to be like by her. A little bit later on this morning. If you disagree with the hit the up at 644125. But it honestly. I thought Roseanne last night was as disappointing. Any high profile shows debut. Who as you could ever. 739 starlets who for fun.