Rob Lucas Spends 102 Seconds With Andy Grammer!

Wednesday, January 24th


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Spending 102 seconds with the Indy grammar OnStar what do 2.5 who I'm just came from the extremists Seneca Niagara casino the fate how was it would you wolf down there was really get on the Hudson to second that's all we got a get well accelerate that you just part. When I see is not important we'll look at our telling listeners a 102 and they know I'm gonna go long get a review and her head yes so well welcome an act of false it feels like porno doesn't feel like. We've known you since the beginning of your career because I remember 67 years ago you came in studio. Yeah you had this one song keep your head yeah it and then. You really didn't have all downhill from that. Did you get a cup comparable beyoncé is you really oh that's right that's if you prefer it exactly to tell stories of a Santa Monica and in here we are. On this is three albums leader now injury and dad can dress up thank you men is the best part of life for sure so Johnny Resnick of the Google announced yet probably no we just yet if I just read that you're IC skeptic I just ran him we both India. Of the Thanksgiving Day parade. And I don't try waiting to go out and afloat together he's a fairly new data as well he said the one thing I don't wanna do yet is daddy rock but you can no cats in the cradle so I forgot all about you know I mean literally the idea and exact opposite on the end let's do all all you can actually singing to the kids who won't we'll know but just like he does a wanna be writing cats in the cradle type songs quite I mean I authorized got a late. Three of them on his next album that's not fair honestly Dickey of writing a song to a little girl because she's like my daughter he's sweetening. And so and ready couple like there's to specifically our station north of all his. They're directly directed flick right batter and it's just a fun new experience to write a love song. Stood still to a woman but in a completely different way so how does it work now with your touring during the Summers your wife and daughter to become we view Laurie your wife's honor former do so or do we don't totally know yet all the we're gonna figured out yet figured out there's got to be room for both them. You know what things is that look at any Grammer are reporting goes on stage in the star lounge and checking your hair out from the beginning I hated that it was always better than mine had gets in solidarity I would be stressed that yeah French fishing for comments that he let's talk about the new album that dates a tale when it isn't fully out yet or not for alms because it's on your website if you get tickets to your show you download four songs for free and only could. Adapting its coming out the nuts come with the album which is cool for the album comes with tickets to the gap yet relatively good parts tourists coming up pretty soon so it has done it in March. And I had to get take it well lot of personal operates a good guess you get some euphoria. You have been so great to buffalo and not only is a set like 67 years ago just coming in the studio that was just you when your guitar now been a manager but. Starry night in the garden I don't know if you remember the basilica lack or wanna you were one year you're like an opening act in the two years later you your headline mean killed. It just so neat to see your ascension. Man thank you so much it's unbelievable to. To even get. Heard is awesome and then to have some stained car has been incredible. Smith and what I like about you was no matter when I interview you it's you keep your newest song is always your favorite fish it's at this out so so tell us about smoke clears because we've been playing their for a while yes thank you. So much as as well there's gonna help scarce funds it takes really kind of intense things are like to see who's got your back right and so this is kind of the a song about that. And that the home electorate showed up around that health scare for you for actually I passed out I'd been going so hard and not sleeping for like almost two years. Well that's what anybody got like that's an article taken some liquid snake and liquids are easier on vacation actually it's a C wreck our biographical we're indicate. On occasion and in Dublin and just like passed out has been some time in the hospital put your favorite thing you've been able to do you do with your daughter so far. I just started being able to feed her which is really cute place she she receives an EM's. Can intensely right now at itself watching her learn how to do that not sweet potatoes but yes she knows the differently she's in the ams which is it well we've gone over a 102 seconds good extra time that end thanks Roy he's been great to buffalo and possibly have thanks so much.