Rob Lucas Sez: "You'll Never Hear Sleigh Ride The Same Way Again..."

Monday, November 13th

Instrumental versions of "Sleigh Ride" are among the most powerful and recognizable Christmas songs.  And one of the few songs of any type that give a starring role to the percussionist playing the Wood Block!  Click and listen as Rob Lucas explains the art of playing Wood Block in Sleigh Ride.  You'll never hear the song the same way again!  


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Classic LeRoy Anderson's sleigh ride seventh what are what is our what are 2.5 I'm gonna tell something about this on that you'll notice from here on out you'll love being here before and the same time. That's on dad and various versions of Boston Pops version of sleigh ride that has to be the most prominent would block it. Performance in American music I mean you're doing the moves and horses. It is likes honestly our name another song in which the would block is front and center. I mean in bloom thanks to SNL. In little blue oyster cult's don't fear the reaper it's Kyle bell Brooke this is like you know that Dick how bell of Christmas music. So I'm talking to produce a rolling merrily Alex can you look up what it is it would block and stick what is it. It's still run precaution essentials. Would block there's a whole YouTube video about it. And and having shares reviews some of his recommendations for wood blocks and accessories that are good value. Bad. The third comment down somebody put blob blob block pop on the YouTube reviews. The all in my school band we don't that's it mallet. At my school band we don't use relatively that would block we use a stick we hold it in our hand strike it differently Shia and tell idea. It's like just the little lit it's like that Geico commercial with a guy and the triangle. Never see it triangle solo. Put there's never been a more prominent would block I think in and sleigh ride in now you'll never listened to that song the same way again.