Rob Lucas Sez THIS Will Happen In The Big Game, And The JT Halftime Show Will Be...

Friday, February 2nd

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I'm all morning long we've been asking you been doing 34 questions from rob what do you think of the super ball washing the game would you want a win in. Here are my thoughts because I know you can't waste. I want the Eagles to win it here. Because not because I hate the patriots though because. It's a better story Philadelphia. Would love to see them win the Super Bowl they never going to be war. Passionate city like buffalo a little bit angrier. Phillies like a big dirty buffalo that's what it's. Plus the patriots losing. Would leave lead to weight fabulously. Explosive. Patriots offseason. Will there be a divorce between Belichick. Afridi craft two out of three billion of deficit going to be there. Will there be finger pointing or will they get together and say we don't wanna go go out like this and the loss so the Eagles win leads to a much better Stuart story. The game itself. I think it's gonna be the lowest scoring Super Bowl and quite awhile. The Philly these tough. I don't think crooks gonna be 100%. Big holes a big stage for him might take awhile for him to get comfortable. I think those who come out with a 00 on the swears you've got a good shot of winning their first quarter. Over under 48 and a half its how many total points will be scored take the under. Halftime show I have no idea what to expect from Justin Timberlake. Usually special guests have been leaked out by now. But nothing. You know there's going to be some appearances. He got a great job keeping feet wide and night you know he's gonna have sexy back in there you know it's gonna have kids out feelings I think it'll be a big production. But I don't think it's gonna go down his meeting that even in the top five marine. Super Bowl halftime shows ever just my feeling. Unless they added shots of Jessica Biel watching from sites that each state side in the background and it it's got to go a long way to go helping him. And finally it. I said I won the Eagles to win. But my prediction is patriots always figure out away and only nineteen of fourteenth. I hope I'm wrong. All imply the way that score nineteen to fourteen. We haven't drawn those squares yet in our building. So I don't know no really what my numbers are so I reserve the right to change that score. Based on what the squares kicks off later on today. Really am hoping for 00 I think you're always get a good shot the bridge itself there you go with the gulf port and starlet or 2.5.