Rob Lucas Sez THANK YOU BILLS...But Not For The Reasons You Would Think!

Wednesday, January 3rd


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I wanna do a couple of thank you bills but not just really football oriented only one of them is what the first one would be. Thank you bills from a psychological point of view for our sport what your team is on January 7. And in your group playing this Sunday and then for three days after that would lose will be talking about it and then before you know what that's January 10 so. Thank you for killing off 30% of a cold snowy month known as January. Thank you for the process. Logical magnetic rob has always love the process despite the fact that it set a thousand times the NFL's a watered down so mediocre right beat the salary cap. It and they're paying the dividends first at salary capping an effect now for twenty years. In a season of mediocrity the bills have been eight pretty good watch all year long. Fun to watch discipline into more organized more professional. You think those can be boring at times try launching the ravens it it's I've watched more than a few rating ravens games that team got in. I think quietly to get a phils have the bills were better story than Baltimore even though were smaller market. Being in the playoffs the bills were much better story that ravens team was boarded personified. Owen thank you bill's getting back to the timing the psychology of Windsor. You got a good chance they really do they stopped Leonard for net innately portals globally portals and I think they'll have a good chance of winning in Jacksonville. Which means they'll play in another week probably January 14. And then be played that game and win or lose we talked about it for a couple of more days it takes is too late January 17 and before you know it. January what do the darkest coldest of months and snow east of months is half over. In we hadn't even realized it because of the bill so thank you bills and for those who weren't old enough. Imagine having the bills through for for an entire month of January for four years in a row. That's what it was like during the Super Bowl years. If you ask anybody about the early ninety's. They don't talk about snowstorms they don't talk about hope and how cold it was they don't talk about anything except going to bills' playoff games. Many of which were at home so. Thank you Bill Ayers threw at least no matter what happens Sunday killing up 30% of January. Fingers crossed for more.