Rob Lucas Sez "This Is The PERFECT Time For The Bills To Change QB's"

Thursday, November 16th


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The bills change quarterbacks yesterday they announced it about 931 surprise Sean McDermott did it quietly in a press conference we had it on the air about 940 wish. Broken what that is all the media did it immediately I thought it was the greatest movie as far as timing of all time. And apparently I'm the only one because all I heard yesterday especially from people in the media who are really respect was the timing for this makes no sense at all. And I'm like are you kidding me. If you just look at it like a coach or a business manager logically without emotion. It makes total sense you start with the player Tyrod Taylor he started twenty games for the bills his record twenty and eighteen the numbers don't lie. And those are good enough numbers to. Qualify for the playoffs most years. I'm betting brand in beating John McDermott had seen at least some of the tape of all those games and they still wanted to get a good look whether own eyes released capped the season they've done that and they saw. The tapes in the numbers don't lie there's little improvement little crow for potential so why not make the change now. Leaders are also made in times of strife like the last two games. And there was no sign of leadership no fire. No sign of the quarterback having answers no it factor that led you to believe the quarterback was more be answered in part of the problem so why not make that change now. And in this argument I kept hearing over and over on social media reading of pay elected when he was five until you can't blame them for being five in port that's not the point. This team has so many issues many that can't be fixed this year. The need to find out if quarterback is what are the issues that they may already have a fix for on the roster. So that's why you make the change now. Also good teams are run like good these businesses when somebody is no longer seen as a definite part of the future. You move on from them the patriots did it with Bledsoe lawyer Malloy fifteen others the niners would Joseph Montana. NBC did it with Conan O'Brien at 1130 even though Leno was a jerk Conan was a bad fit they moved done. It happens in business and sports every day the bills are finally being run like a good business. Don't keep people he can't depend on and five briefing two years. Let alone this Sunday. That's why you make the change now. And all year third there's one thing that I set up the debt and nobody else is mention. There is no better scenario for a quarterback to make his first start in this weekend. On the road. Yet you get pressure from playing a decent team but no pressure from being booed by home fans. On the road in front of only 35000. In a city that doesn't care about his team. 20000 of those fans maybe bill's fans transplants. In c'mon if you're a Western New York transplant and you haven't seen the bill's life and a decade. You're going to be through the roof just seeing the uniform and the charging buffalo on the helmet the performance will be secondary it's about the show with lesser expectations. On the weather will be likely a lot better than the messy rain snow mix we're gonna have this week and at home what a great setup for rookie QB. All of McDermott in being that they now get seven games to see what Peter and would Peterman has. And to see if they even need to draft a quarterback for next year. That's why you make the change now I'm just bamboozled. Book fondled by so many especially in the media who can't figure that out. If it hasn't been said yet it should be win or lose make the playoffs or not. You got to do a shout out to the bills for finally being palsy. Little talk but lots of action the bills are relevant again and that's why they need that changed now.