RLITM Says THIS Is How Big Bang Theory Will End

Friday, August 24th

So how do you think Big Bang Theory will end?  Click & listen to Rob's thoughts. It actually makes sense...until he got to the part about Rog owning a doggie spa.  Not sure about that one... 

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So it came out yesterday's Big Bang theory will be ending his 2019. That obviously over the summer they were probably all working get out contractually everybody agreeing to a trying to keep it quiet is as much as it stood now would every episode you watch for the Big Bang theory starting. It was September 24 at first when an idea on Friday to. And would every episode and wondering how always is going to tie into. Next April when they finish the thing off all of this is gonna lead to that everybody's got the right views. Are you welcome to post viewers as FaceBook Dutch consulate stolen at 25 we get a bunch of they're already. Here are mare for some I think it's there and I can kill anybody off note right now until we truck Lori get onto their commitment were it. Where they did it Charlie Sheen because he was not a likeable character you don't kill off likable characters nobody's gonna get sick to really think. Here's what I honestly thought I threw for at least five or ten minutes. Think I concede this happens the fire right in the show this would be it. Sheldon and Amy working together. We'll win a Nobel Prize for something they discovery and science. Because of that they will be going on the banquet and speech circuit doing speeches around the world I mean we starting in Europe. There speeches will be ninety minutes long long Sheldon we'll speak for eighty minutes he'll deputy meet tent that it's it's prepaid debit debts will still be leading up to. The wallow it is. They're gonna stay right where they aren't whose are happy with the kids and where they are they'll be fine. Pay any fool out of the blue yet the movie role of a lifetime. Let me be working with the aid George Clooney Brad Pitt tight character. And she's gonna have to go overseas to Italy to film the movie. That'll be fine. Leonard will go with her any can do is work from afar. Now remember I said Sheldon. Tom is going on the speaking tour with TV and they're gonna Google mainly in your breath it he's gonna be stocking Leonard. For a you know report for the shows that would have been next fall through the rest of that. And Roger what will happen to him he's gonna end up running a doggie daycare called cinnamon place. After his food cinemas. What do you think but I think it's realistic. I think he can happen. Weighted down from the senate to chop Lori.