RLITM Buffalo Auto Show Preview!

Wednesday, February 7th

The Buffalo Auto Show runs tmrw through Sunday (Feb 8-11).  The NFADA's Paul Stasiak stopped by to give us preview not only on the cars, but on the family entertainment as well.  Superheroes!!!


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Paul stays here from the let's talk cars now inside the buffalo conventions that are buffalo auto show putting up tomorrow. Pulsed easier from the NF PDA in the buffalo auto shows here it. It seems like every year I'm a broken record he got the cars and before the snow Kate if it's there is no story and I store they around once there in their drive some people to walk around our front I think absolutely tell us about the auto show this year because they know wolf first of all who will restart where we ended last year I was saying how. We are so lucky to have an auto show when buffalo when a lot of cities bigger than ours don't have one anymore. Well let's start their hi how cool is it for us to have deceiving here that. And rob were very fortunate to new York and that's testament to the dealers and places like the engine plants stamping plant they put a lot of time and energy resource or were strong automotive market and I don't mean just in sales but carriage production so. We are very fortunate there's been a lot of shows that vanished and dissipated that we've actually grown so let's keep preferring his car. It in for us it is just it's a little bit of sunshine in February casual walk in and there's something about that new car smell. And you hear when you when you close a door. Two horse closing on cars could change in this seventy you can tell how good a car was by the way the door closed now every Georges has a little vacuum sealed to look at Sony. Am I too much of a card are now I love and like when you're inside there is a lot going on and you're going to doors and if you're underneath the undercarriage normally get nervous oh great line like that but let's talk about most of her audience is families and you're going to the auto show in Mohammed had one look at the cars into the kids to a bid but. The kids between six and fifteen you got a lot of superheroes coming it. Here revenue Esquire shows around and we've we've converted our show in Iowa Ottawa event and a family event so we found a long time ago. Families wanna have something to do yet parents are doing your car it's best to bring accusing give their opinion. But we do we bring in the young Star Wars. Fan force super alliances superheroes. For we've got to robot again give your Macs dominates the show we brought him in once and now he's probably an annual baton and we try to bring something for everybody and you get its. Always do great with the athletes. Now let's talk about the cars any new areas we can look forward to this year or what's like what's your can't miss card the U wanna see well enough in this is right put Paul in a tough position because he's only dealing with like 57 dealers in 92 models or whatever so tongues. Forty dealer modern for a mile 5000 bottles that we're closed. You know rob I don't want that my favorite child and family but. We got a cool car that everybody's gravitated to we brought them back to the future vehicle located delivering a movie the Delorean so. I really didn't realize I would get excited about Faisal the stuff command he's got the hover board he's got all the original stuff and so I really so if you think about where was. I think was 85 for yeah when it came out but that's created a lot of attention because he got the gull wing doors chair right next door you're gonna have a Mercedes. Was it the AMG black condition rob we called the alpha bitch on get the point where he got Q our seven you've got to. Well that is really the leader skewers sevens at infinity. QQ five as a human lives Infiniti QX eighty is the it no QX eighty easy Infiniti Q fives the oddly the ex threes are BMW they AMG's a Mercedes. They all have ABS and NLCS so. It's crazy. And you mentioned a lot of high end lines their but the cool thing about car development in the past thirty years is every line from a car that's 25000 up to 125. Has something special that makes you wanna look like during the Super Bowl I saw the ad for the key is stinger. And I never thought I was like hey that's a Kia but it's and you got one of those errors well Alia. We've got every truck part of represented end. You're talking about features I mean I we encourage people come down to show more than just exterior of the carrot that's the beauty auto show you got professionals are talking about. The latest in technology. The latest in safety for kids and families and individual drivers. Probably the misconception is the autonomous vehicles we want people hear about what's on these vehicles now there autonomous safety he makes those last year is intercepted the trend continues in closer we're a long ways away from free hands free system right. But you know that buffalo streets. Well we'll look at how I feel I don't know schedule and Turkish there's four inches is the moron opener colonels were going to fashion accessory to Demi boy that's nominee rob so. That's what the show's about as a chance for people not just a fantasized but educate. Well the the snow is in your favorite because today I know you get the big party tonight but this notion be out here by then. And then the auto show goes on tomorrow till ten Friday 1110 Saturday ten to ten Sunday. Ten to seven in all the information to buffalo auto show dot com and if it's a little chilly yuck that coat check and you always have the Delhi parking which is really cool. Thank you meant rob thanks for having us thanks first report as always all the and where's my Mercedes. Apart its oats covered in snow up there right. At buffalo AutoZone dot com for all the info post oh and I'm gonna do one more thing to seal a shot out to all the seals people their casino a lot of whom from the the dealerships. And would you go to the auto show people like I don't wanna salesperson hovering over me but. You can get some of the best deals at the auto show because a salesperson when they're not in their show room. And they're not the primary place to make money so the work harder to sell you a car there that's what it's all about now. Two things rob you're right I mean it's no conquest customers were more poorly. This is the window of time and I don't reseller who broke a worker there additional incentive money there's auto show money they put loyalty money conquests money. So most of my family buys between February or march I think this is you know I won't say what today but yet just because of some of the programs that run its enhanced incentives around a window like Paris when the witness another saying for car buying when the weather's bad debts the best time to buy you know when you've been in you get a snowstorm summing up their nobody else is up to kicking tires so you get a great deal. Thank you Paul for coming in I try to do a good job created aides say some cars.