Producer Jimmy Is Buffalo's First Uber Driver

Thursday, June 29th

Producer Jimmy is now a Buffalo Uber driver!  We woke him up to chat about his first night as a driver, where he went and the goofy stories he had to share!


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So this morning as soon as we got on the air at six we were talking about Hoover and lift now underway in buffalo. And I was returning how to get attacks last night that I wasn't sure if I could talk about it. Because it was from someone we all know but it it was about he was going out to do overruns may be at midnight just to see what it was like. And I'm like water really I didn't know you were into over driver and then this morning I got an email from him it 316. Got it when I woke up. Mean if you were group overruns tonight pretty sure I made the first from pick up from the airport. And then he goes in as some other things on there and I thought OK can I say who this is. And then producer rowly points out that Buffalo's possible first mover driver producer Jamie Stell Leon though. Was tweeting about it himself. Overnight. So I thought the world wake in this guy good morning producer Jamie. Florida how did you not tell lists. They aren't doing cool birds did you ever mentioned it to me was I asleep when you did. I think and mentioned it but you were probably asleep well like yeah. Really how long I don't remember that at all how long he could go to the testing how long who was the process. I test the background check like a month or two ago. It was really easy. Basically called all even know they need to know is that you're not a crazy person. But you know Paul RPU drivers. No way to meet your new -- employee remember you speak for the company now. Oh yeah I mean you've got to have a little bit lower on trade in that yes I. But he had passed with flying colors so. I didn't get your taxed until I woke up this morning and I saw Adam like Jimmy's in Hoover driver. So you went out and you had to for you think gets the first pick up at the airport was it scary what was a situation like. But they are not scary I'll put it slipped a thing and I was so close to the airport. I understood. Vibrating like crazy and it was an overt acts out like I'd people. Corporate people and I just drove to the airport to interpret it here put. It it's it was a little scary at all. So Jimmy's now saying he's the world's slowest uber driver. With a took before you're not doing a good job for yourself here Matt. Oh well you know I just wanted a lot of these state. With the victory ago so I you told me this story of who you picked up. It turned out to be a client of the radio station now here's the quote we're not gonna say who it is a privacy. But I want to know this are you how I come up are you name dropping mean if you are I need to cut in this. Opted not to put in my over profile that I was in the morning show producer. And then they asked where it was chrome and I mentioned your name and there everybody in all our nuclear war. Style. Sucked up okay now so the you're using the radio station to get. It seemed to get Wilbur accounts. Doesn't the station get account of that now get a cut that out. Well what's funny is in the two hours of April or Wilbur I mean more money for us. I did this with you. To hear her neck and we'll look how many how many how many different trips did you take last night where did you go and how did it work. It took two trips one one about it at mile to the airport. From the airport about a half mile away and then another Lauren from downtown buffalo on television's street to do. Where is the that the alma. You're a little sleep because you finally get to that time 4 o'clock in the morning. Like for action after I unwind it from high into being a driver yeah. Just like playing in the eleven that are played and there was mandatory on line. Actual sleep and then it was immediately woken up by text messages the 6 o'clock this morning. That's who we do. So our our you was it a great experience do you think you'll do this. What can I book you now for pink party and for transportation for starry night next year. Sure and even in even if somebody's going to the ocean park and out of that night I might turn my Hoover on contracts but analysts are out there today. They're ego is we got ocean park stand up the star lounge today at noon at the Seneca Niagara casino. Now wait a minute now we're gonna start charging you forever sizing seriously your sales department's going to be sending you a bill for this one. So now I've got to figure out how much sense I've officially made thirty dollars and. Downed it and now I'm only gonna make attitude out prop. This is New York State that's the way it works we're chatting and the producer Jamie Stell Jarno who. We had no idea he was into over driver we think he was the first mover pick up at the airport last night like at twelve why. Did you get distinct tied for many taxicab driver or drivers when you were out there. No nobody knew. I don't think anybody had any at the end like that. The stands at over your vehicle can't have any sort of marking a bit Andy Cooper logo on traveling chill yeah. But most intact. So I now and do you see yourself doing this gives other people may be interest did it and you know you're blazing a trail for buffalo. Wanna be Hoover drivers will you do this maybe five or ten hours a week was it just a one time only thing or will you do it quite a bit. I'll do it as much as the schedule how I. I think it's fun there's a lot of I think the people that YouTube era are. Especially around buffalo earned a good mood about it you know I don't think you can go around dragging driving at least try one of the right cherry. Serbs as. Is it odd having. We are people in your car now we hear people but people you don't know when somebody knocks on your door your house to sell you something it you don't even want to answer. Who would this I know you sign up for it is it odd having weird people in your car people you don't know. I don't know I mean netcam and so. Sorry it's true but on. It's funny to denote the random stranger on the street and then nine hit it let it go dump money your car and and that's the. But hang on Jimmy rowly he's not doing a great job for the service Airese. He's just putting is Jimmy twists and any questions for or Jimmy rowly I got one question to me. It's is there anywhere you won't dry so once moon. I don't know I we'll go anywhere. And you'd act you can book a trip right now radio station we can go to Rochester or for garbage point. And I would and I would take you there. I Jimi thing is your lumbar app on now people want a book Q and get a ride to work but yet it. Now. Go OK. Nice Segway very good. All right producer Jimmy possibly Buffalo's first Hoover driver and in probably the first pick up at least. At the airport our guest congratulations. In next time we need a ride will caught up. Thanks to put all over time on my radio station time anybody noticed yet look at look for a bill from Tim holly very very soon. They used to be banned seven point four star awarded 2.5. Who know. Producer Jimmy. The first rover driver in buffalo we had no idea.