The Perfect Place For A Bills Fan To Watch The Big Game In Vegas!

Wednesday, February 1st

While hooking Michelle from West Seneca up with Kings Of Leon tickets, she mentioned that she'll be watching the big game from Moondoggies, a Buffalo themed bar in Las Vegas!

A very cool listen for any Buffalonian!


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71218. Civilly guys enroll in a very late August 2. We've got your tickets before you can buy them they go on sale this Saturday 10 AM live nation dot com Michelle lots of winners good morning Michelle and it might. He also took place super calories. So sure I am. But it's Super Bowl week so we will I felt would figure out you and I how many calories will consume. That are big games party. You know how many calories the average human beings. Should have. And an average day you know the number is this 800. Yes for women it's about 18102004. Minutes about 232500. I had a look at us you're smarter than I am you would already. I still here Rio let's see how many of these we get right if you have two slices of pizza. Are you having 562728. Or 966. Calories. I learned that that would be incorrect Beatrice 720. Jimmy keeping track here she's overweight yep okay. A small meat ball sub. Is that 540 calories 660 or 850. I know they'll be 850. Jimmy you know what is she one to go along here. And of course but you know what Michelle maybe the sudden you have has like Elvis cheese whether that is so you can be right you never know. How about six not shows with cheese beans ground beef peppers sour cream and guacamole. Do you hold the clot blocker now. Not I don't like the wild okay is that. 6107169. Or 884. Calories. 610716. Underage 84. That's six stand. Jimmie mark you don't she's over three. Wow. Roughly a half a rack of ribs with a sauce. And half a rack of ribs with saws is that 704. 900 or 12100 calories 704900. Or 12100. 400. Jimmy she's now over four or the extent to use the kids 900 calories. Okay period this is the final one you're ready Harry go. Five chicken wings. Would sauce and blue cheese. Is that 334. For eleven or 599. Calories. I'm learning. She'd go and look right how we got. Michelle it's so funny I told Jimmy off we are off the races only to release tickets if she goes one for five up you did hits. You. You go to kings of Leo I actually have been your husband's going to ask you got a girlie night at home with the clicker to yourself yeah. What are you guys doing for the Super Bowl usually squares anywhere you go to our own people on we will do our thing. The old. I was in Vegas for week one of the NFL season at one point and that was the easiest thing ever. Could you had to build up of the entire season of people waiting gamble. So you'll be in Vegas. T have a staked out where you can watch the game how you gonna do it. I'm yes actually there in their own are that. What's the name of the bill's barbecue or unless you don't want other people you rooted for now it's come Mottaki. Moon doggie whereabouts in Vegas is that. It ain't. Chernoff our goal is not here this is a little bit from the strip actually doing naked city he and his. I part of them gash. I think naked city pizza work they featured on the food channel are full of Food Network or something. Diners drive ins and dives I think right citizen Jimmy is now looking up naked city but he's now putting pizza on itself. I have a great time in Vegas safe travels. Put twenty on the red for me and roulette. And there are adamant in just you know it doesn't tell first timers always winning Vegas. Here's what I like you do finally get it did did you get fifty bucks on your husband's wallet. I'm white and we're gonna do 52 your first time. Played on red and roulette and then if it wins don't want you to play in a red again that he wants you to play down flat and then ready can Indian bring the money back to me. Or you can have a quarter of let's all take daily ritual fifty put him back in your husband Claus can never know enough. Hey thanks Michelle for having fun this morning thank you know we've all learned a few things about calories in. It buffalo parts in Vegas. Seriously that's got to be Aso exciting. Especially Peterson and a small bar I don't think I can watch this Jimmy Finnegan is right and I'm only that was like ten don't yet. I think they're very early did you winner rule letter was no you did you double downs you Vince witty seriously kings did you and I wanted to build. But Vegas is one of those where it's great to be there and also if you really wanna watch the team. Watching it in a giant room with a thousand screens we've we've guys who have. Tens of thousands of dollars possibly riding on every single play there's a lot it'd be win win. When there's a big planes and people are screaming other people want to strangle those people who are screaming because it just cost the money at the end of the quarter. Good luck to you Michelle have a great trip.